shu uemura Eyelash Curlers.Review and Photos

As you know, I have a rule, when top Make-Up Artists rave – I listen and get the product they are singing praises to. This is why I have no idea what took me so long to buy shu uemura eye lash curlers.

My only excuse can be the fact that I had some cheap ones which did not really perform the way I’d love them too so I thought there was no need to buy expensive ones, too.

But, oh boy, I am so glad that I finally got the shu’s curlers! They are absolutely brilliant. I have to say that I’ve been using them for less than a week so far but I can already see that it will be a long-time relationships!

So how they perform?

Now I can see why shu uemura eye lash curlers are award-winners and loved by so many people. It is very easy to use these, they do give a beautiful and pretty long-lasting effect. The curled lashes ‘open up the eye’ and  make the eye makeup look so much better!

Plus they are made of stainless steel and the silicone pad protects the lashes, by the way, you get an extra one in the set.

Here are the detailed instructions:

Although these do not come cheap at the price point £20/$20  from Harrods or Selfridges, I am very pleased with my purchase and would totally recommend them to anyone.

Here are some other options.

7 thoughts on “shu uemura Eyelash Curlers.Review and Photos”

  1. Hey Marina, thanks for sharing! I’ve heard a lot about this one, but ended up getting the Shiseido one because it apparently works really well for those who have monolids (and it does). I will keep this in mind when I’m looking for a new one though!

  2. The Shu curlers do rock but I have a preference for the Sheseido. I’m Asian so I have a flatter lid. Sheseido’s curve it a little flatter so it fits better with lesser tendency for pinching. Shu’s are somewhere inbetween MAC and Shiseido so a good all rounder.

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