shu uemura Nova Diva Makeup Collection for Fall 2011

Here is a preview of the beautiful  shu uemura makeup collection for Fall 2011 which is called Nova Diva.

And let me tell you – I really love it!

If you don’t know yet – blue is the hottest colour for this Fall!

I really like the design of the  Prima Palette which is a LE empty case for the shadows.

And there are also recommendation on how you can customize your palettes:

  • G White Rainbow, P Light Blue 611, P Dark Blue 696, M Black 990
  • G White Gold, P Light Green, P Dark Green 595, P Black 995
  • G Bronze, ME Light Pink 126, Medium Brown 185, M Dark Brown 895

Cream Cheek in Amber Cream Shimmer Highlighter  in Radiant Pearl also look amazing, I bet the quality is great. And of course the unique lashes, this time Tutu Lace Flare lashes.Shimmer (Waterproof) Eyeliner

  • Cosmetic Silver

Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte

  • Sensual Red – ultra red shade
  • Angelic Pink – lush matte pink
  • Evil Pink – bad-girl pink
  • Darling Beige – rich, creamy beige
  • Alluring Brown – tempting beige
  • Brilliant Gold -gold tone to mix with other shades

I am seriously impressed with this collection, it is definitely one of my favourites. I would actually like all the products from it!



8 thoughts on “shu uemura Nova Diva Makeup Collection for Fall 2011”

  1. The green palette caught my eye! But I’m not quite feeling the texture of the shadows. Wasn’t terribly impressed 🙁 But I have to agree with you. Blue is the way to go this year 😀

  2. Hello everyone!
    I live in the States and I’ve never heard of this brand of cosmetics. Is it sold only in the UK or Europe?

  3. While these palettes and the eyeshadow colors might be beautiful, I have ordered 2 quad palettes in the last 4 months and Shu has always be out of all their inventory, never replacing it. They don’t seem to care about their USA clients. I used to love Shu but I can’t express my anger and disdain for them and their way of doing business or lack thereof by tricking us into believing they have the product when in fact they don’t. However, they do have plenty of excuses about getting more inventory into stock shortly, stories I’ve been hearing for way too long and which never happens.

  4. These are gorgeous, I had a look in the Shu Uemura shop in Brighton on Saturday, and the eye palettes are stunning,oh why do I have to love makeup so much? I’ve just spent out on Chanel!! Birthday coming up though

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