Sienna X Cream To Powder Bronzer And Illuminator Review and Swatches

There are not that many cream bronzers on the market, not that I am the biggest bronzer fan/user, but I do like myself a cream product plus a lot of the readers are!

So I am excited to tell you about the Sienna X Cream To Powder Bronzer And Illuminator which was launched relatively recently.

There are two cream products, bronzer and highlighter.  So here are my thoughts about each.


It is much creamier than the highlighter and I really like the texture of it as it is so easy to blend it into the skin without it looking patchy or streaky, even on my dry skin. While it may look a bit orangey on fair and very light skin complexions, it looks amazing on more tanned/darker skin tones.

It works great for warming up the skin  and, I assume, you could mix it with the foundation to get a sun kissed look, like with Chanel’s Bronze Universel. I’ve just realized that I never tried it that way, although I’ve had this product for a long time already, but will give it a go!


It has a more powdery texture, compared to the bronzer and reminds me of Laura Mercier’s  Bonne Mine palette. Although I am not the biggest fan of such finish on my dry skin, it does work great for normal and more oily skin types. Also, this shade works  better  on warm toned skin, as it does have golden undertones. Try pairing this palette with peach or coral blush – the effect is very pretty!

You could also use both products on the eyes.

You get a sleek palette with a swirl mirror, which makes me think about Hourglass.

I think this is a nice palette to have, especially for summer when you have tanned skin. It would also work great for light-to-medium skin tones with warm undertone. I’ve used it quite a lot on the girls and loved the “natural” effect, as the cream texture blends into the skin beautifully.

Hope the swatches are helpful!

The price is £25 which, in my opinion is a good value for two products.

You can buy Sienna X from Feel Unique.

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