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Today I opted for a very simple and minimal makeup, both in terms of colours and the quantity of products.  Today it’s all about work and I am not going out anywhere afterwards, so  I was not in the mood for any experiments, and , quite frankly, did not have time.


I’ve used Rouge Bunny Rouge Home Time Defying Foundation Skin Sanctuary which I promise to review soon. I totally forgot that I had the samples of it, the post is already in the process. I then added some Benefit’s Dandelion  to brighten up the complexion  and BECCA’s Beach Tint in Raspberry as a pop of colour on the cheeks and on top of the lip balm.


I have used Benefit’s powder eye shadows in Leggy and Dandy Brandy which are very soft and smooth, and blend beautifully. Lighter shade all over the lead and darker shade for definition. I have also lined the eyes with a black (and not brown, shocker!)  Clarins Crayon Khol, smudged it with a brush, as I don’t like a “crisp” line and finished off with Ellis Faas’ Mascara. Have to write about those two products, as they are amazing.

And, of course, how could I be without my Benefit’s brow pencil? I can’t wait till Zuneta get the Hourglass eye brown pencils back in stock so that I can buy one for myself!


I’ve used L’Occitanes’ Ultra Rich Lip Balm, it’s the one that currently lives in my makeup bag, and topped it with the Beach Tint.

As for the manicure, I am wearing this dark blue, which is one of my favourite nail polishes from my collection.

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