Sleek i-Divine Primer Palette Review, Photos and Swatches

I just had to get Sleek i-Divine Primer Palette because I was very curious about it.

It is basically a palette of 12 colourful primers for the eye shadows.

I love the idea of wearing a primer and eye shadows of the similar shade. And let me tell you, it does make the colour of the eye shadows more intense and can change it slightly. Plus you can mix different colours together to get different effects.  So it is an interesting product in my opinion. If you want to experiment with the shades – this palette  would be a nice product to get.

But if you are looking for  a primer to make your eye shadows last longer, you can get a clear one and it will do the job perfectly.

It is also a good alternative for those who want several shades of cream eye shadows but can’t afford to get them all separately. But I have to warn you that these do crease and they are not long-lasting on their own.

Overall, it’s a fun and not expensive palette to get but definitely not a must-have in my opinion. I’d recommend getting a clear eye shadow primer or a good quality cream eye shadows instead; depending on what you are looking for.

I don’t regret getting this product at all but I had higher expectations as I really love Sleek  eye shadows palettes.

It is available at Sleek website for £6.99

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