Smoky Eyes Eye Shadows by Inglot Review and Swatches

This month I’ve got new eye shadows by Inglot. You can read my detailed reviews about customized eye shadows here, single  eye shadows here and integra eye shadows here.

This time I’ve picked the 3 eye shadows for smoky eyes. They are not called Smoky Eyes  eye shadows, these are just the shades that I’ve picked.

But I forgot to look at the numbers and when I wanted to take the shadows out to look at them at home, no matter how careful I was, I still managed to make some damage. So I am sorry, I managed to write down the number of the middle shade only – and it’s amc shine 23. You can actually see what I did to the other 2 shadows on the photo below. There was no hope that I would take them out without bad consequences.

And this is actually the only thing that I don’t like about the shadows. It’s very hard to take them out!

So here is how the colours look like swatched

The colours look gorgeous, don’t you agree? They are very pigmented as you can see and it’s a pleasure to work with this shades. Next time when I get an opportunity to visit Inglot I want to get 10 shadows palette. And I got this palette for almost €10.

4 thoughts on “Smoky Eyes Eye Shadows by Inglot Review and Swatches”

  1. Wow!! Gorgeous shade, esp the one on the far left!

    I have a similar shade palette from Bloom too.

    Btw, where do you get your Inglot eyeshadows from?

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