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Sparkling Eye Liners I Am Loving

My favourite beauty product over the holidays was definitely Illamasqua’s Ore pigment, a glittery bronze which is so-so gorgeous, I highly recommend. But, besides the shimmering eye shadow, I’ve re-discovered some of my festive-appropriate eye liners. And my top two were:

Rouge Bunny Rouge Quartz Eyeliner Devotion Ink in Tanzanite Essence (review and swatches)

Illamasqua Precision Ink in Wisdom (review and swatches)

They are just  extremely beautiful. Both are easy to control, have a gorgeous sparkling effect and nice pigmentation.  Wisdom is described as an antique gold by the brand and I’d say it is a beautiful bronze sparkle, and Tanzanite Essence is a pretty medium blue sparkle.

Although the holidays season is over, I am still loving both liners and  am wearing them pretty often, instead of my usual black/deep brown/ deep purple (Deep Purple, ha!).  And, don’t worry, you can get a thin subtle line without it looking too “Christmassy”. I think a some shimmer can add an interesting touch to your usual makeup.

Yes, I am perfectly aware that the image is blurry but that’s the point, this way you can see the sparkling finish better.

After writing this post, I want to wear my red eye liner, here is to a more fun 2016 makeup-wise.

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