Spring 2011: New Lipsticks by Yves Saint Laurent, Guerlain and Lancome

Looks like that  the most popular makeup products this Spring will be lipstick… But not just any kind of lipstick, but a sheer, glossy, balm-like lipstick.

Chanel Coco Rouge and Dior Addict (WANT) now also YSL is presenting the new line of lipsticks which are called Volupte Sheer Candy. They will replace the Gloss Volupte and will be out in May.

Maybe you are a fan of Guerlain, Givenchy or Lancome? They will have the new lip products as well, let’s take a look.

Lancome will release a new lipstick L’Absolu Nu which should be available in March and judging from the looks of the celebs who were wearing it, looks like a lighter version of the  Absolute Rouge lipstick.


According to Michelle from the Beauty Editor, Givenchy will have a new lip product as well – Givenchy Gelée d’Interdit. By the way, if you are not reading Michelles’ blog, you really should. It is one of my favourites, truly amazing, and as Michelle is a beauty editor, she has a great style.

There is also the new Guerlain’s Rouge Automatic lipstick which will be available in April.

There are also these new lipsticks by Bobbi Brown (I really wanna try) and NARS  Lip Pencils.

To tell the truth, I am finally excited about the new launches and can’t wait to try these babies out. I am not a huge fan of opaque and heavy lipsticks. I love matte lipsticks or tints and balm-like lippies so, yeah, great news for me!

I’d like them all (of course) but I’d go for  the Dior and YSL if I had to choose , for some reason these 2 are really calling out my name. And what about you?

The photos from the post are courtesy of Teen Vogue beauty editor

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