Spring 2013 Lipsticks: Tom Ford, Rimmel, Stila and Bourjois

What girl doesn’t love a good lipstick? It is always exciting to get a new one.

So let’s take a look at some new launches from different price category, from To Ford to Rimmel.

Good times, Tom Ford is launching a new range of lip products – Lip Color Shines.

They will come in ten shades and are promised to be tinted lip balms. I am loving the look of the fuchsia shade in the middle and the first one, which is baby pink. Look out for them in February, the price is £36.

photo: fashion.telegraph.co.uk

The shades are: Abandon, Chastity, Frolic, Insidious, Nobile, Quiver, Ravenous, Smitten and Willful.

Stila Color Balm Lipstick  ($22)

New offering from Stila are promised to be pigmented but at the same time have a rising balmy texture and satin finish.

There are quite a few shades to choose from: Valentina, Sheri, Isabelle, Evangeline, Maya, Vivienne, Elle, Ruby, Ali, Betsey, Gemma, Amelia, Sonya and Olivia. The one shown above is Betsey.

Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Laquer, £5.99

I am actually a big fan of Rimmel’s lip products so I am looking forward to trying these. I am loving Celestial, a baby pink and Luna, baby peach. Other shades of this intense lipstick are: Galax, Nova, Apocoliptic, Big Bang, Stella and Eclipse.

Also love to see Kate on the promo.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick,  £7.99

There are also 18 shades of the newest Bourjois lipstick – Rouge Edition, so there is a shade for everyone!

So are you excited about any of these lipsticks?

4 thoughts on “Spring 2013 Lipsticks: Tom Ford, Rimmel, Stila and Bourjois”

  1. Although Tom Ford and Stila have beautiful presentations I must admit I’m quite attracted by Bourjois. I love the idea of seing the color at the bottom.

  2. Are the Stila balms named after certain people? I know another brand (Revlon I think) did a line in which the actresses helped ‘make’ the color. So do the names of these have any meaning?? Anyone know??

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