Spring 2014 Blushes: Armani, Pupa and Milani

Regular readers know how much I love blushers, since I try to dedicate a lot of posts to this beauty “miracle”. Today I want to share about even more blush launches.

And, of course, I want at least one shade from each collection. A girl can never have too many blushers, or can she?

Spring 2014 Blushes Armani, Pupa and Milani

Giorgio Armani Cheek Fabric Blush ($46)

These are the famous Cheek Fabric blushers but in a powder formula. The blushes are promised to give a vibrant colour and ultimate glow. There are eight shades to choose from.

Milani Rose Powder Blush (£7.99)

A powder blush with rose petals decorations. I’ve heard so many raves about the Milani blushes, I should have asked my friend to pick one for me when she was in the USA. There are four (unfortunately, LE) shades: 05-Coral Cove, 06-Lady Rouge, 07-Love Potion, 08-Tea Rose

Pupa Like a Doll Cream Blush

These are promised to be lightweight, yet pigmented. I don’t have that many Pupa products but am very curious about these blushers, I just hope they are not very powdery, I am not the biggest fan of cream-to-powder formula.

Here is actually a video (in Italian) which shows the blush in action.

There are six shades: DOLL PINK 101, FLASHY DOLL PINK 102, DOLL CORAL 201, DOLL PEACH 202, FLASHY DOLL RED 203, DOLL CARAMEL 301( First two shown above).

So, did you add anything to your wish list?

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