Spring 2014 Makeup Collections: Tory Burch, Michael Kors and Aerin

My friend from the USA kindly agreed to get some (beauty) products for me, so I am browsing all the shops I can think of, trying to find any hidden gems, that are hard to get here, or that are a lot cheaper in the States.

While I was browsing, I’ve realized that there are a lot of new beauty brands that are released teamed with Estee Lauder. Such as Michael Kors , Tory Burch and AERIN (Aerin Lauder).

And here is what those brands offer for Spring 2014. Is there anything I have to get?

Michael Kors Aerin and Tory Burch beauty Spring 2014 makeup collections

Michael Kors  released three  sets (each is $32 at Macy’s)

  •  Glam Collection Lip Luster & Nail Gift Set: a full-size lip luster in Scene-Stealer and a full size nail lacquer in Curtain Call
  •  Sporty Collection Lip Luster & Nail Gift Set: a full-size lip luster in Prima Donna and a full size nail lacquer in Limeligh
  •  Sexy  Collection Lip Luster & Nail Gift Set: a full-size lip luster in Rising Star and a full size nail lacquer in Encore

AERIN brought out new line of lipsticks and I was surprised to see several dark shades, which I’ve included in the photo above. There are nine shades of  Rose Balm Lipstick ($30), and the three shades above are  Poppy, Whisper and Wild Lilac.

There is also a new Rose Balm ($58). If you are ready to spend that much in a lip balm, it is described as  “a pure, flower-based balm formulated to immediately soothe while deeply moisturizing your eyes, lips, face and cuticles”.

Besides all the lip products, there is also a Kaleidolight Face & Eye Palette ($58) with light-enhancing shades of bronze, beige, pink and lavender to give the skin a subtle glow.

From the new Tory Burch’s products  Bronzer & Blush Compact ( $48) in Divine caught my attention. This beautifully looking product is actually  lightly scented with hints of Tory’s signature fragrance, featuring notes of mandarin, tuberose and vetiver.



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