SS16 Eye Brows Products: Rouge Bunny Rouge, Givenchy, Dior and YSL

How great is it that more brands are launching eye brow products? Here are a few worth checking out:  eye brow pencils, gels and even palettes.

SS16 Eye Brows Products Rouge Bunny Rouge, Givenchy gel and pencils

Rouge Bunny Rouge Long-Lasting Brow Liner Alchemy, €26

“The exceptionally fine and sharp tip allows for ultimate precision of lines, instantly releasing the pigments for maximum control.

The easily blendable, wax-based formula and the delicate matt finish create a very natural-looking result: waterproof and smudge-free, it will stay put for 10 hours and longer. Enriched with natural antioxidants, Vitamins E and C.”


  • TRONA, Light hazelnut. Ideal neutral shade for almost any natural brow colour.
  • ANTIMONY, Dark chestnut. Ideal neutral shade for dark brown and black natural brow colour.

Later the brand will also launch Brow Expert Gel Silhouette Of Grace  in Airglow and Earthshine.

Givenchy Brow Studio Eyebrow Couture Definer, £18.00

“Retractable lead and a creamy texture, achieves sculpted, more intense brows in just one stroke. The coverage is intense, the finish powdery matte. Brows are evenly coloured, for a sophisticated, waterproof effect that lasts more than eight hours.”

Brow Studio Mister Brow Filler, £17.50

“Fills in any sparse areas and flawlessly shapes the brows. Its fluid, quick-drying formula instantly dries down to a powder finish on application. The curved brush follows the eyebrow’s natural shape, for an intuitive application even for beginners.”

  • Blonde, Brun and Gran

Brow Studio Eyebrow Pencil, £17.50

“Allows for precise application creating defined brows. Made up of talc and intense pigments, its formula offers a powdery matte finish. The make-up result can range from the most natural to the most bold and sophisticated.”

  • Bunette and Dark Brun

All Givenchy products are available from Harrods.

SS16 Eye Brows Products Dior and YSL palettes

Dior Backstage Pros All-In-Brow 3D, £42.50 from Harrods

“Inspired by the expert techniques of professional fashion show makeup artists, Dior presents its first eyebrow kit, which includes two shades of powder to fill brows and create custom depth and an ombré effect, one waterproof wax to set the result for long-lasting wear and three expert applicators.”

Yves Saint Laurent Beaute  Couture Brow Palette, $55 from Bergdorf Goodman

“Darker shades fill in where brows are sparse and lighter shades work all over the brow to create an even appearance. The weightless powder blends beautifully so you can adapt the intensity to create a natural or dramatic look. Comes with mini tweezers and a firm angle brow brush. ”

  • Light to medium and medium to dark.


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