SS17 Makeup: NARS and Laura Mercier

Here is a preview of two Spring 2017 makeup collections I haven’t mentioned yet: NARS and Laura Mercier.

NARS collection has a beautiful promo image with pastel and muted shades.

Eyes: Duo Eye shadows in Chiang Mai (Shimmering Sea Blue / Copper) and  Thessaloniki  (Iridescent Seashell Pink / Iridescent Violet Smoke).   Velvet Shadow Sticks in Usbek (Vivid Purple),  Belle Ile (Shimmering Mandarine Orange),  Grande Large (Metallic Sky Blue) and Siros (Bronze).

Lips: Semi Mate Lipstick in Breaking Free (Neon Coral), Satin Lipstick in Kiss Me Stupid (Burnt Sienna).  Lip Gloss in Aragon (Red Chestnut) and  Asphalt Jungle (Shimmering Sangria)

Face: Blush in Bumpy Ride (Shimmering Candy Pink)

NARS is available from: Nordstorm, Selfridges,  Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus.

As for Laura Mercier, the collection is called Joie de Vivre, and it is all about the beautiful bright lips. Life is good, as they are telling us.


There are several colourful lipsticks and lip pencils to choose from, Windflush Colour Powder for Cheeks & Eyes, Tightline Cake Eye Liner in Blue Marine (Vibrant Blue Indigo With Fleck) and Extra Lash Sculpting Mascara (Black Onyx).

Laura Mercier is available from Nordstrom, Feel Unique, Net a PorterNeiman Marcus.

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