SS19 Bright Eye Shadow Palettes: Lorac, Jouer, Anastasia

Bright eye shadows are a real  trend this summer, I have already featured L’Oreal and Viseart but there are many, many more. I’ve decided to mention 3 palettes which I personally like the most. And I like the look of them. I have not tried these particular palettes but I do have other palettes from these three brands, and love them. So here is hoping these are great, too.

ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Alyssa Edwards Eyeshadow Palette £46 Cult Beauty $45 Sephora

I am including this because I am obsessed with Norvina palette which I have. While I did not know who Alyssa Edwards was (RuPaul’s Drag  Race contestant) I love the combination of bold and neutral shades.

  • 10 x Eyeshadows in Headliner (matte bright white), Inspire (metallic champagne gold), Unicorn Tribe (matte cool plum pink), Brick Road (matte primary yellow), Back Rolls (matte warm chocolate brown), The Supreme (matte deep peach), H.O.E. (matte neutral taupey brown), D.D.G. (rich metallic violet with silver flecks), Beyond (warm metallic fuchsia), Beast (matte blackest black)
  •  4 x Pressed Pigments in Texas Made (matte fuchsia hot pink pressed pigment), Dream It (matte royal blue pressed pigment), B.B.D.C. (deep cool aubergine pressed pigment), Believe (violet purple pressed pigment).

Lorac Neon Lights PRO Pressed Pigments Palette, $29 from the website

This is definitely my favourite.  These are not eye shadows but  pressed pigments. And just look at those colours. You get matte, shimmer and topper textures.  So gorgeous.

JOUER COSMETICS Tan Lines Matte, Shimmer & Luxe Foil Eyeshadow Palette, $34 from Sephora.  Jouer is also available from Cult Beauty but this palette is not there yet.

9 x Eyeshadows in Beach-A-Holic (warm matte apricot), Shore Thing (warm peach gold shimmer), Heat Wave (warm matte hot coral), Tankini (warm metallic copper luxe foil), Driftwood (warm matte chocolate brown), Tidepool (cool metallic ocean blue luxe foil), Vitamin Sea (cool light teal shimmer), Limelight (warm matte lime green), Sunburst (warm bright yellow shimmer)

As I’ve said there are more colourful and neon palettes out there, so there is something for everyone.

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