Summer 2012 Makeup Collections: Stila and Smashbox

Here is a preview of Smashbox and Stila Summer 2012 makeup collections.

Smashbox  released two sets, one for eyes and one for lips:

Shades of Fame Reflection Lip Gloss Set ($29)

CANDY (bubblegum pink), BUFF (nude), HIBISCUS (fuchsia), PAPAYA (peach), STAR (pearlescent shine).

Shades of Fame Summer Palette ($48)

Eye Shadows: BLISS (Pale golden beige), SANDSTONE (soft sandy beige), HONEY (Soft translucent yellow/pink), NUDE (matte soft caramel),SHERBERT (shimmery coral),SAFARI (deep golden green),PACIFIC (shimmery aqua),PRALINE (bronzed), MOCHA toasted brown with gold flecks)

Cream Liners: Bronze and Gold.

Eye shadow brush and mini Photo Finish Lid Primer.

As for Stila, their collection is all about the glowing bronzed skin. It is even called Glow All The Way.

This collection includes:

All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer, $22

  • Bronze Shimmer, Kitten Shimmer, Pink Shimmer and Rose Gold Shimmer

Stay All Day Waterproof Volumizing Mascara, $22

One Step Illuminate, $36

‘Three shades of swirled illuminators suspended in a clear skin-loving serum that instantly prime, brighten, warm, and illuminate the skin.’

Set & Illuminate Baked Powder Trio, $34

‘A three-in-one baked powder that brightens, highlights, and warms the skin for a luminous complexion.’

  • The Illuminators (pale pink/ kitten/ pale gold)
  • The Bronzers (kitten shimmer/ matte bronze/ bronze shimmer)
  • The Correctors (peach/ lavender/ green)


There is also a new shade of Custom Color Blush and Lip Gloss.

Unfortunately, so far I only have prices in USD. Both collections are already out in the States.

I personally really like a the idea of several Stila products, especially the One Step Illuminate!

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