Summer 2013 Luxury Beauty Collections: byTerry, Sisley and La Mer

Here is a preview of  summer 2013 new launches from some of  the most luxurious beauty brands out there. It’s all about beautiful glowing bronzed skin. Plus don’t  forget about the sun protection!

byTerry Summer Splash

Hyaluronic Blush, £28 15 ml

This radiant blush should hydrate and plump the skin.

1 Peach-Posh 2 Blushberry

Hyaluronic Summer, £44 for 40ml

Has  a tanned matte fine powder finish for a hint of barely there summer glow.

1 Fair Tan 2 Medium Tan 3 Ultra Tan

Lash-Coat Mascara, £28

Waterproof top coat for your regular mascara.

 Sisley California Soul

  • The Orchidee Palette, £60
  • Phyto Khol in Khaki Phyto Khol Star in Amethyst,  £28
  • Phyto Lip Shine in Sheer Cherry and Sheer Coral, £27.50
  • Sisley Touch  (eye shadow)  in Golden Touch, £27.50
  • Phyto-Ombre Eclat Eye Shadows in Linen, Velvet and Mango, £27.50
La Mer Soleil de La Mer Collection

  • La Mer The Reparative Body Sun Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 30, $85
  • La Mer The Face & Body Gradual Tan Lotion, $85
  • La Mer The Reparative Face Sun Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 30, $120

 I personally love the look of Blushberry blush by byTerry and Mango eye shadow and Sheer Cherry lipstick by Sisley.


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