Summer Must Have: Papaya & Mango Scented Products


Body spray

What is written:

Indulge yourself. What better way to give yourself a little treatment on the go? This invigorating and tropically scented body spray with sweet papaya and juicy mango extracts wraps you in a veil of sheer moisture and leaves  your skin feeling soft and smooth. A wonderful refresher to use at work or play. Spray genetously over body. Best to use after shower of bath.

What do I think:

I have to agree with every single word that is written about this spray. It’s amazing!  I DID get everything that is promised plus the scent is really a summer must have. I got so in love with it that when I just got it wanted to use it all the time:D

Hand cream

What is written:

Indulge yourself. This innovating and tropically scented hand cream is blended with sweet papaya and juicy mango extracts to offer a dreamy tropical vacation for your skin. Energize and awaken your senses  while vitemin enriched  natural fruit extracts moisturise and protect your hands leaving  them feel soft, supple and smooth.

What do I think:

The same thing that is with spay! Hand cream is my fetish and I have lots of hand creams. But now this one gets the honour to be in my bag 🙂

Price: around $10

Would I get it again: Absolutely

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