Summer Must Have: Venus Breeze by Gillette. Review

Summer is almost here so it’s time to make your legs looks smooth and sexy (not trying to say that they didn’t look like this in winter lol ). There are so many ways to remove hair  and I personally like waxing and shaving the best.  When it comes to shaving I like Venus by Gillette. I’ve been using it for ages and I am very happy with it.

But I also use Venus shaving cream (usually with avocado). I’ve been bying the same  razors all the time and just didn’t pay any attention to other. But last month when I was shopping I saw this pretty purple razors  and I wanted to try them just because my Venus is purple!

So what was my impression?

I think it is genius! When I picked it up in the store I haven’t seen that it comes with gel. But when I discovered it I was very pleased with my purchase. There are so many reasons why I liked it:

  • It is easy to travell with it because you don’t need to think about any gels/creams etc.
  • It glides on easily and doesn’t leave any irritation  and I have a very sensitive skin.
  • I love how it smells and I love the colour.

Last time I was shopping I’ve noticed that Gillette also makes Venus Breeze Spa so now I need to try it. And did you try it? What is your impression?

2 thoughts on “Summer Must Have: Venus Breeze by Gillette. Review”

  1. Waxing not by Gillette but by other brands. I use cold wax (but not hot) most of the time but sometimes shave 🙂 Did you try hot sugar? I am afraid to try it although so many women love it.

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