Summer Must Haves: My Glasses by Roksolana Bogutska


I just made a post about glasses and how to chose glasses. This post is about my favourite glasses and about the designer who created them. I have glasses  created by Ukrainian designer Roksolana Bogutska and I bought them in Ukraine. Althought in that shop that had different glasses by lots of famous designers , I  felt in love with this glasses when I just saw them. Plus they had a big discount on them!!! So they costed less that $100.  I won’t write a lot about this glasses. I can say only one thing- they are perfect! 🙂

And here is some information about designer:

Roksolana Bogutska brand represents elegant luxury and brave modernity as well as a surprising mix of Ukrainian ethnic motives and contemporary fashion trends. It also means an outstanding quality, the most advanced processing technology, thorough cut and exclusivity of each model. Roksolana Bogutska features a firm but always elegant, seductive and self-roksolanaconfident lady.

Roksolana Bogutska graduated from the Lviv College of Applied Arts and the Lviv Academy of Applied Arts. She presented her first collection at the Fashion Seasons National pret-a-porte week in 1998. This was the year when Roksolana Bogutska brand was founded.

The distinctive features of Roksolana Bogutska brand are Ukrainian national motives. The designer consistently develops a theme of ethnic decorative elements in the contemporary clothing. Roksolana’s style is unique due to the artistic embroidery widely applied to her garments. The embroidery is done with silk, ribbons, beading, etc. The garments are produced of the natural materials only such as leather, fur, silk, wool and cotton processed according to the latest technologies.

Each Roksolana’s collection is up-to-date, unpredictable and distinctively Ukrainian.

The brand has gained a lot of constant admirers and fans. Among them are Ukraine’s First Lady Kateryna Yushchenko, a world-wide famous Ukrainian singer Ruslana and other public figures. Ruslana’s outfit produced by Roksolana Bogutska specifically for the Wild Dances tour brought her a victory at the Eurovision 2004 contest. It was Roksolana Bogutska who created a dress for Mrs Kateryna Yushchenko for the Presidential inaugural ceremony in 2005.

You can check out more on Roksonala’s website


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  1. Еще бы интересно было узнать, как и где можно приобрести очки от производителя. В Украине практически все – подделки. Даже в на первый взгляд фирменных магазинах.

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