Summer Skin and Hair Care: Photos and Reviews

I hope that you all liked yesterday’s post about summer makeup because today we are going to have a post about summer skincare 🙂


How to take care of your hair in summer – 15 useful tips.

Looking for an after sun shampoo? – try this one.

How to choose sun glasses – article.


When it’s so hot, thermal spray is just what you need. You can try Vichy or Avene


Treat your body with a cooling shower gel.

Body scrub with the scent of tropical fruits.

Try the firming body lotion which smells like apples.

You will also need a good moisturizer, something like Lush Dream Cream.

Wnat a smooth skin? Maybe you should try loofah.

Venus Breeze by Gilette for silky skin,without hair.


Don’t forget about your feet, you can use cooling or nourishing cream. I love using both!

I hope you like the post 🙂 And what products do you use for summer?

3 thoughts on “Summer Skin and Hair Care: Photos and Reviews”

  1. I love Nuxe Dry Oil with Golden Shimmer when I get some tan (I usually get it a lot 😀 ), and I love body sprays. I use most VS body sprays (Secret Garden collection or something like that) and I also have 2 Avon body sprays. I like them because they’re not intense like my perfumes and they’re more sweet and summery. 🙂

    The other thing I always have with me is Avene Thermal Water. It’s really an excellent product and I use it pretty much for everything, but mostly to fresh up during summer. 🙂

    And these products are something I use for years now. I just love them! 🙂 Other stuff is something I like to change often, but this I don’t. 🙂

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