Sunday 11.07.2010 Beautiful Reading

Hi girls! How are you doing? How was your week?  This week I was extremely busy with work and I was also working on a summer magazine. But I also managed to have a great time with friends. Plus I got myself new shoes and some makeup and nail polishes 🙂

Today I am visiting my friends in the other city (thank God for scheduled posts).

And here are some posts that I loved reading this week:

Wnat to see a lot of Chanel nail polishes? Sarbina shows her collection at The Beauty Look Book

Interview with Dior’s Makeu-up Artist – Beauty Mouth

Karen reviews NARS fall 2010 makeup collection  – Makeup and Beauty Blog

Ebru shares her monthly favourites – Ebruskas Makeup Bag

Want to win Illamasqua and Lancome? – Chic Profile

Row filmed the most amazing video about shop assistants, I watched it twice, lol – Cosmetic Candy

Last week on twitter I said that I never ever had a pink nail polish (yes, I know that most of you are shocked, but I don’t like pink; but I love pink lip products and that’s all).  But I finally got myself one so here is the photo of me wearing it. I am sorry for the bad quality of photo, I ‘ll be sure to make a review and swatches of this nail polish later 😉

I love to cook, I really do, because I find it relaxing and I like to try new dishes so today  I wanted to share with you an easy and very tasty dish with cucumbers, onion and sour cream. I’ve found out about this dish from my friends from USA and they found out about it from their friends from Germany 🙂  So here is how you cook it

Cook peeled, seeded, and chopped cucumbers with chopped onion in butter until they’re all tender. Then you add salt, pepper, and sour cream , and heat through. Simple and delicious! (c) my friend Lindsay.

This is how it looks like, you should try it! If you do, please tell me  your thoughts! I’d LOVE to hear them!

And one more thing… I miss the Mad Men, can’t wait for the 4th season.


Well, I hope you’ve liked this post and I’d love to hear your thoughts about things that I’ve mentioned and not only 🙂

6 thoughts on “Sunday 11.07.2010 Beautiful Reading”

  1. Thanks for the spreading the word about my Giveaway. Your dish sound interesting, I’ve never tried this combination. I don’t like to cook, I do it rarely and I don’t spend more than 30 min in the kitchen when I do it. 🙂

    1. I see!, Well, I don’t spend hours cooking but I just relax when I do. But I also love to try new dishes at different restauraunts or even fast food sometimes 🙂

  2. I used to cook for my family a lot, and cooked vegetable dishes with sour creams are definitely still in my repertoire! I can imagine just what this tastes like. It can’t go wrong! I think that often, great dishes don’t need many ingredients, like eggplants with olive oil and thyme, or a nice finely chopped tomato salad with fresh parsley, onion, oil and walnuts, and should take no longer than 10-15 minutes overall to prepare.

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