Super Hot & Seductive Set From Illamasqua for Valentine’s Day

Every time when I think that I can’t love Illamasqua even more I understand that I am wrong! Look at this set! OMG!  No pink flowers, hearts, roses and bears only sexy black with the hot red!  Do I have to say that this MUST be mine!  I can’t see it on-line yet but it should be any day now!

Check out the photo of the products

So what do you think? Are you with me for the red lips and nails and black outfit or are you a fan of innocent pink with and baby doll makeup? Would love to hear your thoughts!

4 responses to “Super Hot & Seductive Set From Illamasqua for Valentine’s Day”

  1. This set isnt going to be on the website:(
    Its only available at the counters.
    Im so sad cuz i wanted this so bad:(

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