Sur Mes Levres Guerlain Spring 2010 Makeup Collection

So here is the new collection by Guerlain which is called Sur Mes Levres with Vodianova, like it or not, as usual on the promo photo. This time she is playing the role of Gene Tierney, Kim Novak and Grace Kelly at the same time.

Collection includes:

Blush G de Guerlain Serie Noir, £41/€55

Rouge G, new formula Serie Noir Jewel Lipstick Compact, £28.50/€39.50

  • 24 Rouge Sensuel,
  • 45 Orange Euphorique,
  • 70 Fuchsia Delice,
  • 71 Rose Desir.

Ecrin 6 Couleurs, £52.50/€72.00

  • Rue de Rivoli

Meteorites, pressed powder, £34/€44:

  • 01 Teint Rose
  • 02 Teint Beige

  • 03 Teint Dore

There will be also some new items in the permanent collection:

Ombre Eclat I Couleur £20.50/€ 30

  • 143L’instant d’une Etreinte, an iridescent white to capture and control the light
  • 187 Linstant d’un Soupir, an intense and enhancing bronze
  • 186L’instant d’une Ondee,  a terribly elegant flannel grey

KissKiss Gloss Extme Shine – Radian Colours £20,/€25.50

  • 849 Fizzy Mango, a pearly invigorating coral
  • 850 Moka Shake, a warm and refined brown
  • 867 Rosy Plum, ab intense and wild plum

So what are your thoughts? I don’t like the promo photos because I don’t like such colour but I will be sure to take a look at the new glosses and the lipsticks.

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