Sweet Time of the Year Nailpolish Collection by Essie. Holiday 2009

Essie  Sweet  Time Of The Year

So here is a Sweet Time of the Year collection by Essie for Holiday 2009. Collection includes 3 shades:

  1. 702 Mint Candy Apple , mint green (to me it looks like Chanel Jade a bit )
  2. 703 Lollipop, red
  3. 704 Rock Candy, soft pink

Collection will be available in November.

4 thoughts on “Sweet Time of the Year Nailpolish Collection by Essie. Holiday 2009”

  1. I like Essie nailpolishes, I have the entire fall 2009 collection, but from these 3 shades I like the Mint Candy Apple and Rock Candy. I think that I started to have a thing for green nailpolish this season. I have more than 4 and I usually hate green.Maybe I’m changing my tastes from Pink to Green…..hmm I don’t want to think about it:)

  2. hi, Tavia!
    I just saw swatches on AllLaqueredUp of this collection and that Pink does not have colour at all. But red and mint colours look great!
    And I have different red and berry nail polishes

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