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Happy Monday, ladies! How are you all doing?My weekend was horrible because I was sick so I hope that I will have a nice week.

I also still have a tiny hope left that my Illamasqua didn’t get lost. And I am waiting for my Chanel and NARS. 聽Also this week I will get my huge order from the US.

And now I have to promise myself that I will not spend that much on makeup. I have to save for summer vacation and with all this makeup I may have to stay at home, lol

Today I will do my first tag ever. And you are all free to answer the questions, too 馃檪 There are 42 questions about skincare and makeup so here we go.

1) How many times do you wash your face daily?

I try to wash it once a week, my skin feels horrible after water.

2) What skin type do you have?

Very dry (it’s on genetic level) but lately I have some problems

3) What is your current facial wash?

Creme Radiance by Lancome

4) Do you exfoliate?


5) What brand do you use?

6) What moisturizer do you use?

I hope my dermatologist will find a good one for me because now I have some skin problems so I stopped using moisturizers this week.

7) Do you have freckles?


8 ) Do you use eye cream?

When I don’t forget. 聽I plan to buy one from Caudalie

9) Do you or did you have acne prone skin.


10) Did you ever have to use Pro-Active?


11) What foundation do you use?

I try to use only concealer. But sometimes I use this one and it’s amazing

12) How about concealer?

Right now I use Korres Wild Rose concealer

13) Do you know your undertone color?


14) What do you think of fake eyelashes?

I love them. And I just bought some new last week.

15) Did you know you were supposed to change your mascara every 3 months?

I change it when I see that it’s time, it can be less or more than 3 months

16) What brand of mascara do you use?

Right now I like Lancome Hypnose.

17) Sephora or Mac?

Sephora shop or brand?

18)Do you have a Mac Pro card?


19)What makeup tools do you use in makeup application?

Mostly MAC brushes and Lancome brushes

20)Do you use makeup base/primer for the eyes?


21)For the face?

Sometimes I use this one by Illamasqua

22)What is your favourite eyeshadow? Color or shade?

I love so many of them so it’s really hard to tell. But I love taupe and antique gold shades the best.

23)Do you use pencil or liquid liner?


24)How often do you poke your eyes with an eyeliner pencil?

Are you serious?

25)What do you think of pigment eyeshadows?

I use them sometimes

26)Do you use mineral makeup?


27)What is your favourite lipstick?

Right now it’s MAC Blankety

28) How about lipgloss?

My all time fav gloss is Chanel Glossimer in Mica, can’t live without it.

29)What is your favourite blush to use?

So many, I Love blushes! But Chanel Orchid Rose is my favourite. I also love Rude by Illamasqua

30)Do you buy your makeup on Ebay?


31)Do you like drugstore makeup?

Some brands

32)Do you go to CCO’s?Cosmetic Company Outlet?

I’ve never been there 馃檨

33)Did you ever consider taking makeup classes?

I took some but I would like to get a diploma, so yes

34)Are you clumsy in putting on makeup?

I wouldn’t say so

35)Name a makeup crime that you hate?

Makeup look that 聽makes a woman look older

36)Do you like colorful shades of makeup (lipstick or eyeshadow) or neutral ones?


37)Which celebrity always has great makeup?

I like Monica Bellucci and I think she always looks great. From young celebs I love Emma Watson.

38)If you could leave the house using just ONE makeup item, what would you use?

Probably blush or mascara

39)Could you leave the house without any makeup on?

Of course

40)Do you think you look good even without any makeup on?


41)In your opinion what is the BEST makeup line?

I don’t know a line from which I would like ALL their products. For e.g. I am a huge fan of Chanel lip and face products but don’t really like the eye shadows . And it is always like that. Plus I like to try different products!

42)What do you think of makeup?

I could say so many things about it but I will just say that I love it because it allows you to express yourself and look different 聽all the time, to look the way you want to look!

Did you read it till the end?! 馃檪

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