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I was tagged by the lovely Tina from All The Vanity, thanks, to write about 5 makeup products that I would use to do my whole look.

It was actually pretty easy to choose, and regular readers are not surprised, for sure. So here we go…

Tag 5 makeup products BECCA Hourglass Rouge Bunny Rouge Lancome

I’d choose a lip product (this gloss is my favourite) over a foundation but not today, as my skin is not looking its best.  So my first product would be Rouge Bunny Rouge’s Tinted Moisturizer. It is  fantastic, gives a light and undetectable coverage but at the same time makes the skin look so much better. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

As you know, I can’t live without a blush. My most used one is BECCA’s Amaryllis, the shade is spot-on and makes me look alive, enough said.

If I could use only one makeup product – that would be dark brown eye pencil, I even wrote about it some time ago. I have tonnes of different eye pencils and liners but my personal favourite is Lancome’s Brun Noir, it’s a staple in my makeup bag.

It took me some time to learn the importance of good looking brows, so now I  use eye brow products in order to make mine look nice and groomed. I’ve been loving Hourglass’ eye brow pencil lately.

And, finally,  mascara is a must have! Right now I am using three different ones: Hourglass Film Noir, which I have chosen for this feature, Chanel and Ellis Faas. All three are great.

 You are very welcome to do this tag, too!  And I am tagging Jane from  BBB,  Paris B from MWS, Farrah, Sabrina  from TBLBAmy from Cafe MakeupLily from LilyPebbles and Antonia from SLA (very happy to see her back).

2 thoughts on “Tag: 5 Product Makeup”

  1. Gorgeous choices!!! Sounds like you went for a classic, understated look, I love that! PS: This post is making me look at my brown pencils in a completely different way (usually I’m only about blacks)! 😉
    Thank you for doing the tag Marina! <3

    1. Thank you or tagging me! I don’t like black on myself for an every day look but I use dark (!) brown which gives enough of definition but is not so harsh, at the same time. x

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