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Karen from Makeup and Beauty blog made an interesting post called Tag: Getting To Know You so I thought I would post it, too because many of you said they want to know more about myself and also I would like to know more about my readers 🙂

Things I’m passionate about (or things that I like)

my vacation this year

  • Sleeping
  • Sea
  • Cooking and eating tasty food
  • Travelling
  • Music
  • Makeup and beauty
  • Culture and art
  • Mythology and religion
  • Red and black colours
  • Cats

Things I’d like to do before I die

My list is  too personal to share so I will write some things that everyone can know 🙂

New Zealand

  • Swim in the ocean
  • Travel across Southern America and New Zealand
  • See the rest of European countries I haven’t seen yet
  • Meet Aaron de Mey
  • Don’t worry about stupid things
  • Get a Burberry trench and Chanel purse
  • Get a job of my dream ( and I know what it is)
  • Learn the languages that I want
  • Improve and develope my talants and discover new

Things I say often

  • I am hungry
  • Bouba
  • I have a deadline
  • It’s non of your business
  • I want/ need new makeup
  • Can we go for a walk now?

Books I’ve recently read

Lately most of the books I read were about culture or religion or history.

This is one of my favourite books and I read it several times.

Songs I could listen to over and over

I really don’t think it’s a good idea to write things like this that because I don’t listen to any mainstream or pop music so I will skip this one 🙂

Traits I’m attracted to in my best friends

wedding of my best friend several years ago, now she lives in California

  • Sense of humour
  • The fact that they are not gossipers and never judge
  • Common taste in a lot of things
  • They are very talanted people
  • Their imagination and creativity
  • I can always count on them when I am feeling down
  • Forgiveness

So here is tht list that you can copy   & answer or you can answer on your blog and give me the link in comments 🙂

  • Things I’m passionate about
  • Things I’d like to do before I die
  • Things I say often
  • Books I’ve recently read
  • Songs I could listen to over and over
  • Traits I’m attracted to in my best friends

3 thoughts on “Tag: Getting To Know You”

  1. Я люблю такие анкеты:) Можно я прямо здесь в комментарии отвечу? Things I’m passionate about: books (do love Salinger, Murakami and Fitzgerald!), music, white wine, psychology, interesting, smart and witty people, South-Eastern Asia (especially Hong Kong!), eating, esotericism, cinema, fashion, glossy magazines, journalism. Things I’d like to do before I die: visit all continents, move to live to another country, find a job of my dream, find the best guy in the world and marry him, give birth to 3 children, buy a house in Hawaii and die there when I get old, have perfect body and do workouts regularly. Things I say often: “Ни хрена себе!” (sorry for my French:)), “Какого фига?”, “Fuck…”, “Oops!”.
    Books I’ve recently read: “Lovely bones” by Alice Sebold, “The time traveller’s wife” by Audry Niffenger and now reading “Dream Catcher” a J.D. Salinger’s daughter’s biography. Songs I could listen to over and over: despite I’m a big music lover, I can sort out of my fav’s: “Girl from Ipanema” by Sinatra and Jobim, “Lullaby of Birdland” by Sarah Vaughn, “The Christmas song” by Nat King Cole, “Cosy in the rocket” by Psapp, many of Jamiroquai, and the BEST is “Moon River” by both Sinatra and Williams. Traits I’m attracted to in my best friends: belief in me, talent, extraordinarity, honesty.

    1. Я тоже 🙂 Мне вообще нравится, когда 90% сайта(блога) посвящены главной тематике, а остальные 10% чему-то другому и тоже так стараюсь делать)

      Класс, спасибо за ответ, всегда интересно читать такие анкеты.

      “find the best guy in the world and marry him” :thumbs up: 😉

      “нихрена себе”)))

      кстати да,я очень ценю, когда друзья в меня верят – это очень важно. а еще, когда можешь им все рассказать и они поймут, не осудят!

      Мне тоже нравится Salinger, white wine

      1. Этим и нравится твой сайт – всегда чувстствуешься ты за твоими постами:)
        Кстати, и свой сайт я задумала как бьюти-сайт в целом, не ограничивая себя рамками только мейк-ап. Поскольку занимаюсь фитнесом и интересуюсь здоровой пищей, вполне возможно, буду делиться бьюти-секретами и там.
        Мы с моими друзьями садимся и начинаем анализировать и вырабатывать решение, они всегда помогут “спрятать труп в 3 часа ночи”))) Ну, а Сэлинджер – это наше все!

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