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Armani Eyes To Kill Eyeshadow Quads and Maestro Lip Gloss

Armani just launched new matte Eyes To Kill Eyeshadow Quads (£49.50$59) which are available in eight variations.

Linda Cantello comments: “Eyes to Kill palette colors were crafted like Mr Armani designs fashion: to enhance women’s elegance and power of seduction.”

The shades are: Maestro, Terra Siena, Pantelleria, Effeto Nudo, Meditteranea, Bourdoir, Blush  and Parma.

I personally like the shades Terra Siena and Bourdoir the best. And  Pantelleria looks like the most original quad to me.

Besides the

Armani Ecailles Makeup Collection for Summer 2012

Ecailles summer 2012 makeup collection by Armani is a tribute to the beauty of the Mediterranean sea with a lot of different shades of  blue.

Linda Cantello ( International Make Up Artist for Giorgio Armani Cosmetics) says: ” This collection is inspired by the play of moonlight on the ocean, by myriad shades from inky depths, by white and black pearls. The complexion is pale and luminous, lips are soft and feminine. ”

Products from the collection are:

Écailles Classic Eye Palette (£49.50), on the picture above.

A cooler harmony in the black lacquered signature compact, with four shades layering pearly blue and grey with frothy white and inky navy, intensifying the lash lines.

Eye Palette Luxe (Exclusive to Selfridges), £95

A black lacquered compact, dressed in delicately handcrafted black mother-of-pearl. Available in 4000 pieces worldwide. A harmonious blend of deep sea blue, algae, lagoon turquoise and shimmering, crest-of-a-wave white.

There are four new gorgeous shades of Eyes To Kill (£26):

Obsidian Black,  Obsidian Grey,  Écailles  and a

Armani Madre Perla Makeup Collection for Holiday 2011

Here is a preview of Armani holiday 2011. The promo with Megan Fox somehow reminds me of their Fall 2011 collection but it’s definitely easier to recognize Megan on this promo.

Holiday collection is called Madre Perla and it’s all about silver and gold shades which is very holiday appropriate.

This collection includes:

Eye & Face Madre Perla Palette with a very limited edition (3 000) in a special  decorated case.

Eye Palette with ivory, taupe and lavender shades.

Four lip glosses, the purple one which is shown on the promo should be wearable and give just a hint of colour.

There are three new shades of Eyes To Kill eye shadows:

Giorgio Armani Eyes To Kill Wet Collection

I’ve always wanted to try Armani’s Eyes to Kill mascara and eye shadow palettes so I was very happy to see this new collection at the official website. There is a new waterproof mascara which is great for summer and new ah-mazing shades of eyes to kill.

Eyes to Kill  Waterproof Mascara

A sumptuous volumizing waterproof lash texture & 24h hold.

Dresses the eye with long lasting, fine-tuned, plush, separated, volumized lashes.

Microfil™ technology

Micro-waxes weaved in a “wet resistant” polymer allow an exceptional airy volume for armed lashes with a 24h hold.

An exceptionally supple texture from root to tip, the easy-to-work formula envelops each lash for a fully high-definition uniform volume.

Patented texturized brush.

The expertly designed asymmetrical brush enables a perfect application.

When charging the volume of the flat side at the base of the lashes, then twisting the brush, the long fine-tuned bristles automatically separate each lash, including the shortest, and instantly extend the volume weaving it to the tip of the lash.

24h full lash extension in wide definition.

Eyes To Kill Palettes

An exclusive eye palette formula

An extremely silken soft and even texture that is exceptionally easy to sweep onto the eyelids and blend as much as desired.

Comforting hydrating agents protect the delicate skin on and around the eye while a specific wax fixes fine powders and the pigment for a bright intensity and all day disarming eyes.

Giorgio Armani Cosmetics premiers two new eye shadow harmonies for summer – a solar bronze and a lunar turquoise – that outline, highlight and shadow the Armani summer eye.

The eyes to kill wet collection features: