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Aromatherapy Associates Anti-Age Skincare Overnight Repair Mask Review and Photos

I am a big fan of Aromatherapy Associates so today I want to tell you about their Anti-Age Skincare Overnight Repair Mask  which I have been using for months.

This was a life, or should I say face, saviour during  the winter and  I love using it now as well.

You know how we sometimes leave the mask overnight for a better effect? This mask is actually created to be used overnight!

It basically works while you get your beauty sleep and  you wake up with a very soft, plumped, moisturized and glowy skin.  This repair mask did help to repair my skin and take the flakiness and dryness away.

It also smells divine and has a lovely texture which makes it a  pleasure to use. I seriously can’t think of anything I wouldn’t like, this product is like a dream came true.

Here is the list of the ingredients: