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Le Metier De Beaute Nouvelle Vague Makeup Collection for Autumn 2012

Here is a preview of Le Metier De Beaute Autumn makeup collection which includes a new eye and lip kaleidoscope kits.

Mikey Castillo, Director of Color for Le Métier de Beauté on the collection: “I was tremendously inspired by the visionary spirit of avant-garde European film directors such as, Jean-Luc Godard, Otto Preminger, and Francois Truffaut. Their radical style reset the button on social convention (and good taste)!”

Nouvelle Vague Kaleidoscope Eye Kit, $95/£75

Shades from top to bottom: Nouvelle, a sheer mink negative, Gamine, a satin pink celluloid, Icon, a silky matte Parisian mauve and Fin, a smoldering black carbon.

Breathless Kaleidoscope Lip Kit, $95/£75

The shades from top to bottom: Cinema, a velvety, ultra-rich true red, Existential, sparkling