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About Holiday Cards and Gifts


First of all I am sorry that I don’t update that often these days plus I promised a lot of reviews and posts abput my vacation and some giveaways!  I already made photos of some Guerlain, Chanel and Illamasqua products and wrote some posts but I have a lot of problems with the blog (new hosting and new version of wordpress) and Internet (don’t even ask) these days.  Plus I have some problems with health. Great holidays, indeed. But, well, sooon this all will be over!

I hope you are having amazing time!  What do you do for Christmas? What did you get for your friends and family? What did you get for yourself?

I got a new coat and 3 bags (as if I don’t have enough already). I am staying at home for Christmas and I am not yet sure about the New Year.

Above you can see some of the holiday cards that I sent to my  friends. They look amazing in real life. Bright colours and a lot of sparkles but they are not that nice on the photo.




Sexy Boy and Other Limited Edition Products For Holiday 2009 by Lush

Are you ready for Christmas? It seems that winter is already here. It’s snowing in a lot of  European cities.  But you can make this Holiday better with Lush. Who would mind a Sexy Boy for Christmas?  A melty massage bar just for Christmas, scented with revitalising lime oil and comforting cocoa. Count me in 😉


Want to know the details about the collection? Then read this post

lush holiday 2009 1

lush holiday 2009 bath

Candy Cane Bubble Bar


Sweet as candy and twice as bubbly.

Whilst realising that a stick of baking soda and cream of tartar doesn’t sound quite as appealing as a stick of sugar, we think you’ll change your mind once you see Lush’s Candy Cane. Making another popular comeback, our pink and white swirled stick of solid bubble bath brings froth and fragrant bubbles to your tub. It gives a soothing scent of vanilla sweeties to a Christmas stocking and makes your skin lickably soft. Let’s just repeat the annual warning: do not eat it.

Christmas Eve

Escape from seasonal stresses with a soothing, deep blue bubble bath Perfect for Christmas Eve.

Ruby Red Slippers


Sparkling, ruby red bubble bath with a bewitching fragrance of rose and carnation.

At Christmas there’s no place like Lush (and we’re sure Toto would agree). Grab yourself a pair of Ruby Red Slippers and work some powerfully foaming magic on the bathwater. This calming, skin-toning potion of carnations, tangerines and roses makes your body feel and smell bewitching. Munchkins can break a bar in half and get two little baths for the price of one. (Younger Lush fans: if you haven’t a clue what we’re talking about, watch The Wizard of Oz when it’s shown over the holidays and see where we got the name).


Melt into a bath of sugar sweetness. The icing on the cake for Snow Fairies.

Want to Believe

Is it coal? Is it candy? No, it’s a refreshing Luxury Bath Melt to restore your faith in Yuletide.

Wee Harry

Elf and safety warming! A warm, spicy bubble bath inspired by warm, spicy Scandinavian drinks. (And elves.) When you visit a Luh shop, you’ll notice that Wee Harry has a diffrent name, but don’t worry: he’s still the same Christmas elf. We realised that every culture has its yuletide elf named different.

lush holiday 2009 soaps

Angels Delight Soap


Fruity seasonal special soap for angels and the rest of us. Once again, the Angel floats to earth for Christmas (but ours isn’t planning to make any surprise announcements to innocent young virgins). Angels Delight soap is a translucent, glycerine soap in bright pink, with interestingly coloured celestial (soap) bodies and a scattering of stars. We’re reliably informed by our customers that it smells of jelly beans; we actually put toning tangerine and orange essential oils in it to give it a heavenly, fruity scent.

Father Frost

Inspired by chilling Russian folk tales, perfumed with fragrant flowers.

This beautiful new soap which looks like midnight and smells like a garden of scented blossom. It has a spookily serious fairy tale as its inspiration, involving a woodcutter, a wicked stepmother, a good daughter, a bad daughter and Father Frost, the Lord of Winter, who can freeze people to death with one icy breath. (We’ve created his portrait in icy soap on the top of each huge block.) Father Frost’s story is a morality tale. Be unselfish and you will be rewarded, perhaps with unexpectedly large pieces of Christmas soap, made with apple juice and cranberries. Be greedy and grasping, and no-one will want to buy you a lovely rose and geranium scented soap for Christmas.

Snowcake Soap