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  • Follow Me On Instagram and Updates

    Regular readers often ask me for more personal updates – and you can actually follow me on Instagram for that.  I don’t really post there news or any stock images, but rather those things that I like and enjoy. I have been always forgetting about it but now I post regularly 🙂 I hope you are […]

  • Clean and Lean Diaries. Part 2: Week 1. Impressions

    In my first #CleanAndLean post I’ve promised to publish the second part this weekend. But I’ve realized that it’s summer, and a lot of you want to start a new regimen as soon, as possible. So here is part two today… I did not take photos of every single meal because: a) I don’t carry […]

  • Clean and Lean Diaries. Part 1: The Beginning

    As promised, here is the non-beauty post for the weekend.  And it will be part one out of four of my #CleanAndLean diary! First things first. WHY? To be honest, for me it’s not about loosing weight, God knows I’ve struggled gaining weight. Yes, that can be a problem from some people, too.  I used […]

  • Photos Of The Week. Vol 2

    I am happy to show you the second Photos of The Week feature.   I really hope you enjoy it and please let me know what you think. 1. Apivita Anti-Wrinkle Serum. My Mum has finished up this serum with with vitamin e & resveratrol and she reports that is was really nice. She did […]