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Guerlain Terra Inca Makeup Collection for Summer 2011

Besides the new lipstick and Terracotta collection Guerlain has a summer 2011 makeup collection which is called Terra Inca. And it is gorgeous!

This is exactly the kind of colours and products which are perfect for summer: bright lip glosses, cream eye shadows (I believe they are long lasting), beautiful bronzing powder and the eye shadow palette with blue and earthy tones. Plus add the most luxurious packaging and patterns and there you have it – Terra Inca collection. Each item looks like a must have, at least because it is too beautiful not to have it.

This is the kind of makeup that I like for myself – maybe you don’t necessary (is it possible?!) need it but you simply can’t resit.

Olivier Echaudemaison (read my interview with him here) was inspired by the  Incas obviously so  this is why we have so many earthy and  blue tones and the patterns remind of the Incas culture.

Collection includes:

  • Terra Inca Sublime Radiant Powder
  • Terre Indigo Four Shade Eye Shadows
  • Terracotta Gloss  07 Salsa (bright pink), 08 Mambo (orange/coral), 09 Tango (red).
  • Ombre Fusion Cream Eyeshadows in 01 Bahia (pink), 02 Havana(bronze) and

Guerlain: The 180 Year Collectors Case and New Permanent Products

I’ve spotted this Guerlain’s “The 180 year Collectors Case” at Neiman Marcus website. Now this is a pure luxury! You get 18 eighteen fragrances! All the bottles bear Art Deco-style labels inspired by a historic Guerlain label. It is presented in a  leather  and includes Guerlain’s perfumes  from Eau de Cologne Imperiale, composed for Empress Eugenie in 1853, to the House’s newest scent, Cruel Gardenia, created in 2008.

You get: 1853 Eau de Cologne Imperiale, 1889 Jicky, 1912 L’Heure Bleue, 1919 Mitsouko, 1925 Shalimar, 1959 Vetiver, 1965 Habit Rouge, 1979 Nahema, 1989 Samsara, 2003 L’Instant de Guerlain, 2004 L’Instant de Guerlain pour Homme, 2005 Rose Barbare, 2005 Angelique Noire, 2005 Cuir Belluga,  2006 Bois d’Arenie, 2006 Insolence,  2007 Iris Ganache, 2008 Cruel Gardenia.

There are only 60 sets for the US and I am not sure about Europe. The price is $3,750.00!

But don’t worry  if you can’t get this set. Starting January 9th there will be 6 new Guerlain products available and all will be an edition to their permanent line. These products are:

Sur Mes Levres Guerlain Spring 2010 Makeup Collection

So here is the new collection by Guerlain which is called Sur Mes Levres with Vodianova, like it or not, as usual on the promo photo. This time she is playing the role of Gene Tierney, Kim Novak and Grace Kelly at the same time.

Collection includes:

Blush G de Guerlain Serie Noir, £41/€55

Rouge G, new formula Serie Noir Jewel Lipstick Compact, £28.50/€39.50

  • 24 Rouge Sensuel,
  • 45 Orange Euphorique,
  • 70 Fuchsia Delice,
  • 71 Rose Desir.

Ecrin 6 Couleurs, £52.50/€72.00

  • Rue de Rivoli

Meteorites, pressed powder, £34/€44:

Les Ors Holiday 2010 Collection by Guerlain

I am happy to show you photos and tell the information about the Guerlain Holiday 2010! This beautiful gold collection is inspired by the Guerlain bee which was originally on the bottle of Eau de Cologne Imperiale bottle from 1853.

The spokesmodel for the Les Ors collection is Natalia Vodianova.

So this collection includes:

  • Or Imperial Sublime Radiant Powder Face & Body

  • Meteorites Perles D’Or Illuminating Powder
  • Meteorites Poudre D’Or Exceptional

New Foundation and Powder by Guerlain

Two new products by Guerlain that are already available.

Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Invisible Skin-Fusion Foundation,£33.5/ $56

Guerlain fulfills the dream of the perfect foundation, so fusional that it can’t be felt or seen. It melts with the skin as a second imperceptible wrapping to sublimate the complexion with no artifice—the most intimate lingerie dedicated to the skin.

  • 02 Beige Clair
  • 03 Beige Naturel
  • 04 Beige Moyen
  • 05 Beige Fonce
  • 12 Rose Clair
  • 13 Rose