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New Mascaras and Eye Liners by Guerlain for Spring 2010

Have you seen the Spring 2010 collection by Guerlain – Cherry Blossom? New Rouge G Le Brillant and KissKiss Stras? And what about Terracotta collection for summer 2010? You want to know more about Guerlain? Here are the details about 2 new mascaras and new eye liners. On the promo photo is Vodianova, who would have guessed?!

Le 2 de Guerlain Volume Mascara in

  1. 1 Noir 2 Laque
  2. 31 Brun 2 Laque

Outrageous volume, dramatic curl! Le 2 de Guerlain Volumizing Mascara, the most innovative two-brush mascara on the market, has two polymers that replace traditional waxes for a dramatic, intense result. The first polymer has spherical balls which wrap lashes for amazing volume and the second polymer allows for maximum coverage without smudging or clumping. In addition, the exclusive main brush has hollow fibers for a multi-dimensional volume effect and the second foam-tipped wand acts as a “Lash Gloss”, coating lashes in rich color and creating captivatingly curled lashes.

Eye Liner in 3 new shades:

  1. 00 Métal d’Or
  2. 01 Noir Ebène
  3. 03 Encre Brune

+ Limited edition in

  • 02 Bleu Outremer (indigo)

Waterproof Mascara – Le 2 Waterproof in

  • 45 Ocean Dream – limited edition

Check out the photos of products

Sunday 17.01.2010 Beautiful Reading

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New KissKiss and Rouge G Lipsticks by Guerlain for Spring 2010

Rouge G Le Brillant by Guerlain spring 2010

I already made a post about Guerlain 2010 Spring collection Cherry Blossom but today I want to tell you about the 2 new lipsticks: Rouge G Le Brillant and KissKiss Strass. If you are a fan of Guerlain I am sure you’d love to hear that! The spokeswoman is Natalia Vodianova as you can see.

Rouge G de Guerlain Le Brillant,$ 46

Rouge G de Guerlain Le Brillant invents chic shine. With the original creamy texture of its predecessor, Rouge G Le Brillant adds a lighter, shinier finish for exceptional long-lasting sheen. Ideal shine that claims its place as your best ally in all situations. Ten shades and four color families around the letter B—as in brilliant, belle, beautiful, bellissima.

Colors featured in the Spring collection include:

  1. Blondie B01
  2. Barbara B02
  3. Bridget B03
  4. Betsy B62
  5. Beatrix B60
  6. Brenda B61
  7. Brit B40
  8. Bianca B21
  9. Berry B20
  10. Bella B63

Rouge G Le Brillant Lipstick Spring 2010

Guerlain ‘Kiss Kiss Strass’ Lip Color , $31

Kiss Kiss Strass reveals sparkling and extra-scintillating shine. Sexy and glamorous, this ultimate accessory of seduction plays with dazzling reflections to multiply light like a kaleidoscope. Ten shimmering and sparkling shades in three different families: the Red Gold family, the Yellow Gold family, the Pink Gold family.

Colors featured in the Spring collection include:

Cherry Blossom Collection by Guerlain. Spring 2010

Guerlain Cherry Blossom spring 2010 promo

One more Spring 2010 collection. This time it’s Cherry Blossom by Guerlain. This collection will be available in January 2010.

Collection includes:

Eyeshadow quad Ombrelle, $59

  • Jeu D’Ombrelles 408

Guerlain Cherry Blossom spring 2010 4

Cherry Blossom Blush, 07, $49

Picture the freshness of a morning stroll in a garden still damp with dew as the first sunbeams caress her blushing cheekbones. Her complexion is luminous and radiant. This is the “healthy” promise of Cherry Blossom, a pink and peach blush with shades reminiscent of Japanese cherry trees in bloom. Ultra-lightweight and transparent, it revives cheeks left pale by the winter and provides a natural glow in one stroke!

Guerlain Cherry Blossom spring 2010 3

Insolence Blooming perfume

Exuberant notes of violet are accompanied by jubilant red berries like raspberry. A hint of orange blossom and rose impart a striking intensity, while sensual iris and tonka bean resins finish the scent, making Insolence the ultimate luxury fragrance.


Spiral Accord, Iris (Orris), Orange Blossom, Rose, Violet, Sandalwood, White Musk, Tonka Bean, Raspberry.

Guerlain Cherry Blossom spring 2010 6

Guerlain ‘Meteorites Voyage’ Compact , $170

Meteorites Voyage is a technological wonder—a blend of matte and pearly shades, an ingenious mixture of six correcting or light-enhancing colors to deliver the purest radiance to all complexions. Three correcting colors: a mauve that catches the light and brightens the complexion, a pink that refreshes tired complexions and a green that reduces redness. Three light-enhancing colors: a white to infuse the complexion with light, with no chalky effect, a champagne to make the skin sparkle and radiate, and a pink gold to unify olive complexions and warm up fair skin tones.

cherry blossom guerlain spring 2010

Check out 3 more photos of this collection

Imperiale Collection by Guerlain for Holiday 2009: Information and Photos


A tribute to the femme-enfant, so wonderfully interpreted by Romy Schneider in Sissi: The Young Empress. A tribute also to history: Guerlain fondly remembers being distinguished as the very official and exclusive “Her Majesty Empress Eugenia’s patented Perfumer” in 1853. Seems like only yesterday!

In the 21st century, inspiration from the past and from all things exotic is the fuel of creation. We continue to like opulence, but in a more balanced way. Splendour is underlined with humour: while jewels bedazzle with their brilliance, the cascading rivers of diamonds may not come from Place Vendôme!

KissKiss Gloss ,$29

This Holiday, Kiss Kiss Gloss shows extravagance by multiplying glitter effects with three new shades: 807 Perle de Lune, 808 Ambre Precieuse and 809 Rubis Rose. This clever gloss may be used on bare lips, or as a topcoat to boost the effects of Rouge G. The chic mini bottles are also decorated with a black lace design.

1. 807 Perle de Lune(light)

2. 809 Rubis Rose

3. 808 Ambre Précieuse(dark)


Sublime Radiant Powder Face & Body ,$85

Silky and ultra-light in texture, this sparkling powder graces the skin with a sheer veil of ‘diamond’ reflections to subtly illuminate shoulders, arms, back, décolleté and hair. Finely decorated with screenprinted lace, the white-gold lacquered bottle boasts a long black-tasseled atomizer—an ultrafeminine look reminiscent of beauty objects found on imperial vanity tables.

Guerlain 'Sublime Radiant' Powder

Météorites Perles Impériales ,$53