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Hungry Happy Healthy by Dannii Martin Book Review

Today I want to tell you about a wonderful book Hungry Happy Healthy by Dannii Martin. Why do I like it? Keep reading to find out.

Hungry Happy Healthy by Dannii Martin Book Review

The first thing you notice is a really beautiful design and gorgeous photos. I find that it is tricky to make food look delicious on the photos but HHH gets a big A+ from me for the photography.  After browsing it for  a while, I just had to go grocery shopping.

Hungry Happy Healthy by Dannii Martin Book Review photographsAs for the contents, you  get a bit of everything. The author’s story which I found very encouraging, and which is suitable for any life area, not just weight loss. Danii also gives some useful tips on how to re-organize your cupboards and how to plan your meals which I loved, as I just moved to a new place and am planning everything.

One more thing that I also appreciate is the fact that all the recipes are easy to follow and don’t require hard-to-find and expensive ingredients. Even if you are not a master chef, you can totally make it work.  And it is not a book

Clean And Lean Diaries. Part 4: Conclusions

Here, as promised, is the last post from my Clean and Lean kick-start experience.

Of course, talking about such things without a photo wouldn’t make any sense. Since posting bikini photos – is not really my style (even on my personal social media account where  only people that I know in real life are my “friends”), here is a photo that will give you a general idea of how I look.

Clean And Lean Diaries Marina Makaup4allIt is not a very recent one [I don’t really take photos that often, so couldn’t find anything “brand new”], it was taken several months after my holiday plus some fake tan, this is why I, for once, have that golden glow on my skin, ha. But I  did not really  change that much since that time 😉

But back to this particular Clean and Lean experience. Here are the things that I liked and did not like. Plus, some of my plans for the future.

Also, I’d like to mention, that I am just sharing my  experience, and  not trying to convince anyone in how they should live or what they should eat… 

What I Liked:

Clean and Lean Diaries. Part 1: The Beginning

As promised, here is the non-beauty post for the weekend.  And it will be part one out of four of my #CleanAndLean diary!


First things first. WHY?

  • To be honest, for me it’s not about loosing weight, God knows I’ve struggled gaining weight. Yes, that can be a problem from some people, too.  I used to be very skinny when I was younger, and nothing would change that.  Plus I was always into sports [when I was younger], and there was a time when I would train with a coach for 2-3 hours at least 3 times per week.
  • Being healthier is a great reason, but  not the main one for me. The thing is that I eat pretty healthy already. Yes, I do have a pizza or ice-cream occasionally. But I am not a die-hard doughnuts or double cheeseburgers addict.

What is it then, you may ask?

I will be honest here, I

Photo Of The Weekend. January 19th 2014

This photo was not taken today, so I am cheating a bit, but did not get a chance one take it today, my camera battery is dead right now.

Here is a pair shoes – my red flowery Dr. Martens, they are among my favourites, and they  always get tonnes of compliments, by the way.

Dr. martens red shoes

So why am I posting shoes you may ask? The reason for that is simple, I’ve been walking a lot lately. I try to walk for at least ah hour every day, often it’s to the places that