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Luxury Lifestyle Brand Review: Holistic Silk

It is always great when a brand you have been a customer of for a long time contacts you to offer some of their products for a review. This is what happened recently with Holistic Silk.  I have been using  and recommending their sleeping masks for many years, so it was nice to be able to try more products from them.

I was given an opportunity to select the items myself so I went for a silk pillow case and massage slippers, as those seemed to be the perfect items for spending so much time at home.

Pure Mulberry Silk Anti Ageing Pillowcase (£80).

I’ve been hearing so many great things about silk pillow cases but somehow never picked one up because I already use either satin or high quality cotton ones.  But  this silk pillow case is truly something else. This mulberry silk is the softest and glossiest thing ever.  It is such a pleasure when your skin touches it. The pillowcase reduces the friction and also stays cool.  The words can’t describe how much I love it. It also helps to combat the hair frizz. Now I wish I got one myself earlier.  And now I can totally see why people are so obsessed, I don’t want to sleep on anything  else ever again.  This is as luxurious, as it gets.

The one I have is Navy, and it is 75cm x 50cm. But you can also get  Jade, Cream, Rose or