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How To Apply Liquid Eye Liner

People often ask me  how to apply liquid eye liner, so I thought I’d just share my experience.

You can start by using eye pencil and then gel eye liner(You can try MAC Blacktrack) to  get used to the liners and it’s much easier than liquid eye liner. When you feel confident with these two you can start using liquid eye liners.

If you would like to see someone applying it, you can always watch a tutorial on YouTube, I recommend Lisa Eldridge.

If you are new to liquid eye liners be sure that you get one with a fine tip. I really like Precision Ink by Illamasqua.

And the most important! Remember that you can get perfect only after practicing a lot! When my goal was to become good at applying liquid eye liner I used it every time I could and it got  better and better with each application!

Don’t worry if you feel like you can’t make it and your line is a total mess. It just takes time to get there. And as we all know, practice makes perfect! So good luck!