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  • Inglot Sculpting HD Powder in 504 Review. Rave

    I am definitely not a fan of the crazy over-contouring but I love a natural looking product for some definition, and have been using NYX Taupe for years until I came  across Monika’s review of Inglot HD 504 sculpting powder. I had to get it. And it is as good, as it gets. A cool […]

  • Inglot Duraline Review

    I wanted to buy Inglot’s Duraline for ages, and I finally did it last month! What is it exactly? The brand describes it as a “ silicone polymer forms a breathable film while this waterless clear liquid transforms any powder into an intense easy to apply liquid.” It sounds like a must have for any make-up artist […]

  • Inglot Fast Drying Top Coat Review

    I have been using Seche Vite for years so decided to get something new this time. Shocker, I know! I’ve picked up Inglot, as I’ve actually remembered that my friend liked it, so decided to give it a go! The brand offers several top coats and I’ve chosen  Fast Drying Top Coat. I have been […]

  • Inglot Eye Shadows AMC Shine 37 Review and Swatches.Rave

    Besides the red eye liner, I have also picked up this gorgeous AMC Shine 37 eye shadow by Inglot. This shade instantly caught my attention and made me think of my favourite eye shadows ever, Rouge Bunny Rouge Bejewelled Skylark so I had to pick it up. Look how pretty it is in the sunshine! It is exactly the […]

  • Inglot AMC Matte Eyeliner Gel in 90 Dark Brown Review and Swatches. Rave

    Today I want to show you this incredible product from Inglot which is their AMC Matte Eyeliner Gel in 90 which I’ve  called Dark Brown. They also have a 89 brown shade which looks different. Here is how it looks like in the pan. You get a top quality product for a decent price ( 5gr […]