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Jo Loves Pink Vetiver and Green Orange & Coriander Fragrances Review

I already did a review of the Jo Loves Mango collection, so it’s time to talk about the other fragrances from the lineĀ and this time it’s all about Pink Vetiver and Green Orange & Coriander.

These two may be my personal favourites. I am not a huge fan of girly, think uber fruity/floral scents, most of the time, so these are my cup of tea. Also, I think that both would smell amazing on men, at least I’d like a man to smell like that šŸ˜‰

Jo Loves Pink Vetiver and Green Orange & Coriander Fragrances Review

Green Orange & Coriander

Jo describes it as “soulful and sassy; marriage between green citrus and herb; incredibly comforting yet at the same time it evokes a real sense of passion and warmth”.

I totally agree, although it is citrusy, it is a warm citrus, uplifting and sexy at the same time. Would be a great scent to wear on a coffee date. I love pairing it with high heels and faux leather trousers.

The notes are:

  • Top: Bitter Green Orange, Black Pepper
  • Heart: Coriander Seed, Coriander Leaf
  • Base: Green Oakmoss, Tonka Bean

Pink Vetiver

I have noticed that

Flowers & Perfumes

This post is just a quick way to say “hi” and a “current mood” style.

I saw these pink carnationsĀ  the other week and I just could not resist getting them, they actually made me think of Carrie Bradshaw. Remember that episode?

I did not like flowers in the past but now I am kind of in the mood of getting a bouquet every week, flowers definitely cheer me up and improve my mood!

I have just spend several hours reading about different perfumes and

New Brand from Jo Malone. Jo Loves

I’ve written about Jo Malone’s new brand Jo Loves some time ago and I am happy to let you know that all four fragrances from Jo Loves are already available for the purchase.

I really love that Jo has chosen red and black as her signature colour, there is nothing better than a combo of read and black! There are fourĀ fragrancesĀ so far, each is 100ml and Ā retails for Ā£95.

Since I haven’t tried any of them Ā – here is how Jo describes them.


ā€œPomelo is clean and crisp; itā€™s my best friend made up of memories and moments. Itā€™s that feeling of fresh linen sheets or a glass of bubbling fizzy water with a slice of lime and lots of crushed ice. I spray Pomelo onto my skin a couple of times when I go into the office, when Iā€™m out and about and again before lunch or cocktails. Like me, Pomelo has a masculine side to it, itā€™s confident and sharp.ā€

Ā Green Orange & CorianderĀ 

ā€œGreen Orange & Coriander is soulful and sassy. It has a wonderfully clean smell to it and the marriage between green citrus and herb sits beautifully together and becomes very sexy. This fragrance reminds me of Sunday brunch in New York; sitting in a hotel wearing a big roll neck cashmere sweater drinking a glass of wine in front of a log fire. Itā€™s incredibly comforting yet at the same time it evokes a real sense of passion and warmth.ā€

Orange Tulle

ā€œOrange Tulle is