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Five Benefits of Laser Hair Removal  

I’ve shared many times already that  investing in laser hair removal was one of the best decisions, beauty-wise, I have ever made.  I would even say that it was life changing for me. It is a personal choice whether or not you want your hair removed but if you do want that – I personally was very impressed by laser, and I did try many other methods.

You can’t expose the treated skin to the sunlight for some time, hence now, when it’s Autumn – it’s the best time to book your first appointment. It will take a few months to get it all sorted so you should be done by your next summer holiday. This is why I bring you a collaboration with a beauty writer on the benefits of laser hair removal.

Hand Tied Human Hair Wigs

From hairy armpits to fuzzy legs and everywhere in-between, fighting the battle against body hair has become a modern obsession. When it comes to hair removal, there are plenty of methods to choose from but some are more effective than others.

One of the most popular methods is laser hair removal. It may sound hi-tech and maybe even a little scary but laser hair removal offers a quick and easy way to banish that unwanted hair which is causing you grief.

Read on to find out just what makes laser hair removal such a popular choice and how it could work for you.

1. Reduces Hair Regrowth

One of the main advantages of laser hair removal is that it drastically reduces hair regrowth. By destroying the hair follicles with laser beams, your hair regrowth is drastically halted and most users experience a significant reduction in the number of unwanted hairs wherever they have treatment.

If you’re sick of shaving, threading or waxing, laser hair removal offers more effective and longer-lasting results. Many users even have permanent results with no hair regrowth once their treatment course has finished.

Lifestyle Post: Plans For April

Today’s feature is something a bit different. Since quite a few people told me that they’d like to see more personal posts from time to time, here is one. Don’t worry, I’m definitely not going into very personal details, here is just a list of my “to do” things for April. Maybe it will inspire some of you, too.

This month ( March) I went through most of my clothes, re-organized them, decided which pieces I won’t be wearing any more and want to donate etc. And also, my makeup, skincare, body- and haircare are  now so much better organized, although it’s still far from what I’d like.

So here is my list of things that are not work or blog related:

1. Think of a new storage for my  jewellery. I do have quite a few things, and my current storage is “a plain mess”. Do you have any ideas? I would really appreciate them!

Bookshelves inspiration2. I need to get some new shelves to store my books! And I have to  to get rid of some magazines, as it feels like they take most of my flat. I’ve been buying them for years, and almost never threw away. So, just imagine, how many I have. Some of my girlfriends already told me, they’d be happy to help. Yay!

3. As you can see, I am trying to

Can you Achieve Permanent Hair Reduction?

Now that summer is here hair removal is an issue that interests a lot of women. Today’s guest post may give you some ideas…

Can you Achieve Permanent Hair Reduction?

Laser hair removal has been around for twenty or so years now and is an increasingly common ‘cosmetic procedure’. Until recently it has only been available in salons or clinics, but recently a number of home laser devices have come onto the market. Initially available in the US, they are now available here in the UK. However, there is a lot of confusion around what constitutes laser treatment and how effective it is. In addition the term ‘laser’ and ‘IPL’ treatments are often confused so what’s what and which should you choose?

Laser or IPL?

Laser and IPL treatments both used light. IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light; IPL uses light to attack hair as it grows and, without getting technical, burn it away. It’s not as painful or horrible as it sounds, but IPL is, in effect, just another way of removing hair. Shaving, waxing and depilatory creams all remove, but don’t destroy, hair. Each different method of removal has its own merits; shaving can be completed relatively quickly, waxing and creams don’t normally require much time either, nor do they involve skin irritation – in most cases. The downsides are that they tend to need frequent treatment and in the case of shaving, irritation can be caused (on so many levels). IPL, unlike these other methods does remove hair and it’s relatively long lasting. However, once removed the hair follicle, or root, begins to develop and gradually hair reappears.

Long term reductions

Lasers also use