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Shiseido Spring 2010 Makeup Collection and New Lipsticks

Shiseido-Makeup -Collection-for- Spring-2010

I really love this image of the new Spring 2010 collection by Shiseido. Al thought the photo is really small you can see all the products of the collection and they are:

Luminizing Satin Face Color

  • 6 shades

Luminizing Satin Eye Color

  • 5 shades

Matifying Powder Foundation (compact)

  • I am not sure how many shades yet. You can see one shade on the photo

Luminizing Lipgloss

  • 8 shades

I am sure you all know about the  famous Perfect Rouge lipsticks by Shiseido created by Dick Page (Artistic Director). I have great news for everyone who loves lipsticks of this brand. Dick Page created  2 new lipstick  formulas and 8 new shades! They are

New KissKiss and Rouge G Lipsticks by Guerlain for Spring 2010

Rouge G Le Brillant by Guerlain spring 2010

I already made a post about Guerlain 2010 Spring collection Cherry Blossom but today I want to tell you about the 2 new lipsticks: Rouge G Le Brillant and KissKiss Strass. If you are a fan of Guerlain I am sure you’d love to hear that! The spokeswoman is Natalia Vodianova as you can see.

Rouge G de Guerlain Le Brillant,$ 46

Rouge G de Guerlain Le Brillant invents chic shine. With the original creamy texture of its predecessor, Rouge G Le Brillant adds a lighter, shinier finish for exceptional long-lasting sheen. Ideal shine that claims its place as your best ally in all situations. Ten shades and four color families around the letter B—as in brilliant, belle, beautiful, bellissima.

Colors featured in the Spring collection include:

  1. Blondie B01
  2. Barbara B02
  3. Bridget B03
  4. Betsy B62
  5. Beatrix B60
  6. Brenda B61
  7. Brit B40
  8. Bianca B21
  9. Berry B20
  10. Bella B63

Rouge G Le Brillant Lipstick Spring 2010

Guerlain ‘Kiss Kiss Strass’ Lip Color , $31

Kiss Kiss Strass reveals sparkling and extra-scintillating shine. Sexy and glamorous, this ultimate accessory of seduction plays with dazzling reflections to multiply light like a kaleidoscope. Ten shimmering and sparkling shades in three different families: the Red Gold family, the Yellow Gold family, the Pink Gold family.

Colors featured in the Spring collection include:

Rouge Coco de Chanel. New Lipstick by Chanel


I have great news for you all!  In 2010 Chanel will launch the new lipstick –  Rouge Coco de Chanel! The spokeswoman of the Lipstick will be Vanessa Paradis.

I just loved this post at Beaut.ie that one woman can’t have so many great things. They are talking about Chanel and Johny if course.  Check it out and don’t forget to vote 😉

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L’Absolu Rouge by Lancome. New Perfect Lipstick

Lancome LAbsolu Rouge Kate Winslet jpg

I guess we all are looking for a perfect Red Coloured lipstick, aren’t we? I was dreaming about Chanel Coromandel myself untill I found out about the new lipstick by Lancome.  Well, it doesn’t mean that I am not going to get Coromandel though 😉  But this lipstick sounds to be absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to try it! Find out more about the lipstick and see how Smoky Rouge colour looks on lips! This is fantastic!!!

L’Absolu Rouge

What it is:

An advanced replenishing and reshaping lip color that contains Pro-Xylane™ and SPF 12 sunscreen.

What it does:

Pamper your lips with this creamy and luscious formula. It contains Pro-Xylane™, a complete and powerful replenishing molecule that creates visibly fuller and smoother lips. The SPF 12 sunscreen protects against environmental damage and UV rays and the satiny, saturated color wraps lips in luxury—so they are left absolutely replenished, feel softer and moister for hours.

What else you need to know:

Lip Passion Collection by Artdeco. Fall 2009

ARTDECO – Lip Passion

A perfect lip make up is worth a thousand words. Seductively beautiful, it also embodies pure femininity!

ARTDECO Lifting Lip Stylo, € 10.80

The lifting Lip Stylo lays the foundation for long-lasting, brilliant color lip make up this lip primer nourishes and smooths lips with her silky formulation and special anti-aging drugs. Derived from coconut oil Sepilift ® counteracts fine lines and moisturizes. In addition, hyaluronic acid, your lips thanks to its high water binding property looks wonderfully full. From moisture loss keeps Phytosqualan derived from olive oil. Jojoba oil maintains the supple lips while vitamin E protects against damaging environmental influences.

ARTDECO Soft Contour Lip Liner, € 9.50

The Soft Contour Lip Liner combines long-term color with nourishing action. With the pen can be opaque contours apply supple soft. They are waterproof and wischresistent. With the integrated lip brush allows the contour ausschattieren and apply the lipstick professional.

The liner is rich in anti-aging ingredients: Vegetal Filling Spheres ® cushion wrinkles from the inside. Phytosphingosine SLC ® supports collagen synthesis. Hyaluronic acid improves skin elasticity. 3-ceramide lipids contribute smoothing while preserving moisture. The vitamin B5 were found Panthenyl triacetates stimulates cell renewal and improves the water binding capacity of the skin. Vitamin E protects against damaging environmental influences.

ARTDECO Lip Passion Smooth Touch Lipstick, € 10.80