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New KissKiss Baby Nourishing Lip Balm by Guerlain

I already posted the photo of these lipsticks, but I thought that they are part of Fall collection Beaute Slave, but they are not. So here is the information about the lipsticks!They are called KissKiss Baby Nourishing Lip Balm – Delicate Nudes SPF 10.

kiss kiss

beaute slave guerlain 2009

They are available in 6 shades:

  1. 200 Cristal Nude
  2. 220 Red Nude
  3. 241 Rosewood Nude
  4. 240 Honey Nude
  5. 260 Romantic Nude
  6. 261 Rosy Nude

About the lip balm

Lorac Fall 2009 Collection Preview

lorac promo

LORAC Breakthrough Performance Lipstick SPF 15

lorac lipsFinally a multitalented lipstick that has it all: paraben free, long wearing, a rich and creamy texture, and an ensemble of advanced ingredients offering sun protection, antiaging, and collagen-boosting power. Infused with nourishing and moisturizing antioxidants such as vitamin E and Olive Fruit Oil, this luscious lipstick glides on silky smooth and stays put to resist feathering. Along with broad-spectrum SPF15 protection, LORAC’s exclusive antiaging SMS Complex neutralizes and prevents the signs of aging by helping to stimulate collagen production and promote cell turnover. In 7 colors, 22$ each.

Red Carpet Reveal Eye & Cheek Palette ($100 Value)

Urban Decay Fall 2009 Makeup Collection


You can alredy check out and order new awesome Fall 2009 collection by Urban Decay.  Want to know details?

Declaring Indigo by Lancome for Fall 2009. Official Information


I already made a post about Lancome’s Fall 2009 collection. It’s a collection  about free spirit and intense, saturated colors. It was inspired by French Revolution and  coat of arms. Collection was created by Aaron De May(Lancôme’s artistic director). Besides  2 eyeshadows palletes, 3 lipsticks, 3 nail polishes, 2  lip glosses and shimmer Rose Liberte (you can see all these product  here and here) collection also includes: