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Makeup for Little Girls, Would You Get It?

I guess we all have a special little girl in our life,  it may be our daughter, niece, sister, cousin or just someone we know.

In my life – it’s my precious cousin Sophia whom I adore.

And since the holidays are approaching, I totally want to spoil her with a beautiful present.  A beauty related present would be awesome as we could have fun together, me with my ‘grown -up’ makeup and Sophia  with her set for little girls.

Luckily these days there are a lot of beauty products formulated for little girls so they don’t have to ‘borrow’ their Mum’s makeup as we once did.

She looks a bit different now and her hair is so much longer but that’s the newest set of photos I have. She adores lip glosses and nail polishes.

This is why the TownleyGirl press release I’ve got the other day really caught my attention.

They offer a cruelty-free and non toxic ‘makeup’ range for little girls. They have so many different sets: Nickelodeon Victorious, Sanrio Hello Kitty, Disney Princess,  Disney Fairies and Nickelodeon  Dora The Explorer make-up kits.

For kids 3+

Disney Princess Nail Polishes, $5

5 water-based, non-toxic nail polishes featuring 5 Disney Princesses: Aurora (magenta), Cinderella (light blue), Belle (yellow), Tiana (purple) and Arielle (coral)

Disney Princess Lip Jellie, $5

5 fruit flavored sheer lip balms featuring 5 Disney Princesses: Tiana (Majestic Grape) Aurora (Strawberry & Dreams), Arielle (Wishing Watermelon) Cinderella (Royal Blueberry) and Belle (Princess Peach)

Nickelodeon Dora The Explorer Lip Gloss Set, $5

Set includes 4 fruit flavored lip glosses in