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Updates: Fashion Week Looks, Cult Beauty Goody Bag, Reading List

What’s the best way to start Spring? Of course, with some beauty shopping. To celebrate the new season Cult Beauty launched this amazing Goody Bag. All the details and products featured see below. I am thrilled to see that they have included my favourite shampoo ever from Philip B.

Goody Bag Contents free makeup cult beautyAlso, I finally had some time to catch up on the makeup looks from the Fashion Weeks (yes, I love close-ups of those looks, unlike many), I have to admit that some of them were truly inspiring.  Here is the one from Fendi, how cool does it

Beauty Inspiration: LOOK Magazine

I really like  this beauty story from LOOK magazine with Sif Augustdottir. All looks are pretty cool.

I am not a fan of nail art but this simple two-toned manicure looks nice, I would love black and red variant. I also like the liner on the lower lash line, I remember I would always use eye pencil  there in my late teens, and these days I prefer liner on the upper lash line, actually.

LOOK magazine Phoebe Jones shoots Sif Augustdottir makeup4all inspiration 1

The eye makeup for the second look is just gorgeous!  I wish I knew what products were used.  The bright hot lips look amazing, as well.

look magazine makeup4all beauty inspiration

The third look is

New Makeup Lanches and Makeup Inspiration

I would like to mention Makeup4all Facebook page as I do try to post there several times per day whenever I have a minute.

I get so many press releases about the new products which I like, but  I don’t want to post everything on here, as it will be too overwhelming. But since people do want to know about the newest launches, I do post a lot on my Facebook page.

Besides that, I  post makeup looks that inspire me. I have also added an album with some Fashion Weeks looks as I do like those and I will be updating.

Plus, there are almost 3000 likes, so I think that soon it will be a time for a little giveaway as I am so thankful for all your interest and support.  That is just amazing that so many people share my love for makeup and beauty.

And of course, if you want to chat, you can always follow me on Twitter.

Makeup Inspiration: Natasha Poly, January Jones, Ginnifer Goodwin

Here are just several looks that I really liked recently. I could have posted so many but I’ve decided to limit myself with three images.

The first one is the bronzed and flawless look Natasha Poly is wearing, it is so simple and yet stunning, perfect for summer!

The second is the look Ginnifer Goodwin  wore to the MET 2011. There were several looks that I really loved but this one really caught my attention. I love the accent of the turquoise eye shadow in the inner corner of the eye, looks so fresh and original, really makes her stand out of of all those