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Makeup Questions and Answers

Here are just some random makeup questions and answers, I hope you enjoy them! And I would really love to hear your answers ūüėČ

Do you have any makeup memories from your childhood?

My Mum doesn’t really use makeup these days and she never wore ¬†a¬†full¬†face of makeup on a daily basis as far as I know. But in the past I remember she would wear some on the special occasions.

I would never forget the¬†cake mascara she had and how she would use a ¬†lipstick as a blush. I also remember that she had a lot of lipsticks and I loved looking at them,¬†occasionally¬†I also loved using them on myself and… on ¬†the wall. But well, to defend myself I can say that I don’t remember doing that as it was ages ago.

When did you start using makeup? Do you remember what brands did you get?

I’ve started wearing makeup when I was 14, I remember how I’ve asked my¬†parents to get me some makeup for my Birthday and they did. They got me mascara, several eye shadows and lip glosses. I can’t¬†believe¬†that I don’t remember what was the brand’s name though. I remember that I was¬†buying Mary Kay and Max Factor in the past and I was really enjoying both brands.

What product changed your idea about the makeup?