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Photos Of The Week. Vol 3

I am happy to share the photos from this week 🙂

1.  Scandinavian Skincare

I can’t believe that I did  not give a proper try to the gorgeous skincare products from the organic Swedish brand Estelle and Thild.  Will have to do that soon!

 2. Bath

Kneipp Mineral Bath Salt with Red Poppy and Hemp was a pure bliss! Luckily I have one more 🙂

3. Food

The most delicious cream soup with broccoli and prawns and salad (there is salmon underneath). Was super tasty.

4. Makeup

Makeup I took with

What’s Inside My Makeup Bag Right Now

I like reading such type of posts from time to time and I’ve realised that I never did one myself. So I took one of my makeup bags which happens to be Estee Lauder (I like it because it’s a big one and I can put quite a lot of products inside) and just took all the items which were inside so that you (and myself, as I can never be 100% sure what’s inside) can take a look.

Now this is not the makeup bag that I take with me obviously! Why would I need this all anyway?  These are just the products that I was using at the moment.

So do you want to see what’s inside?! Then keep reading!