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Safari Bronzing Collection by Artdeco for Summer 2010

I am always happy about the  new  Summer 2010 collection and I am always happy about the new Artdeco collections.  I really love this Safari Bronzing which is just perfect for summer!  Promo photos look amazing so I can’t wait to check out those items myself! This collection includes:

Bronzing Powder Compact SPF 15,  € 20

Eye shadows each € 4,80

  1. No. 225 Golden Sun
  2. No. 228 Shiny Bronze
  3. No. 229 Cedar Brown

I love these shadows and would love to get this set. You can read my review about Artdeco shadows here.

Blusher – €8,50

  • 03 Sienna

Beauty Box Trio Bronzing 2010 –€ 7,50

The limited edition beauty box in which you can  put blusher or eye shadows.

High Protection Lip Stylo – €10,80

with SPF 30, vitamin E and Macadamia oil

Bobbi Brown Color Strips Collection for Spring 2010

New Bobbi Brown Spring 2010 collection Color Stripes is already available online (at Nordstorm). The collection consists of 3 palettes and each palette is described as:

“A complete spring eye, lip and cheek wardrobe—designed by Bobbi. Palette has one bright eyeshadow plus four coordinating shades that make it wearable. For lips and cheeks, there are three cool shades of Pot Rouge. Imagine the possibilities. Measures 2″W x 4 1/4″L”

Orchid Palette, $60

Eyeshadow shades

  1. White
  2. Dusty Plum Metallic
  3. Orchid Sparkle
  4. Mulberry
  5. Caviar

Pot Rouge shades

  1. Sand Pink
  2. Pale Pink
  3. Powder Pink.

Aquamarine Palette, $60

Eyeshadow shades

  1. Lightening Sparkle
  2. Aquamarine Metallic
  3. Storm
  4. Ivory
  5. Grey Sky

Pot Rouge shades

  1. Sand Pink
  2. Pale Pink
  3. Powder Pink

Bonfire Palette, $60

Absolutely Unique Makeup by Ellis Faas: Would You Give it A Try?

Lately everyone is talking about Ellis Faas so I wanted to check out this brand myself. And… I was really amazed by what I’ve found out. This is something that I’ve never seen before, it looks so futuristic and yet so easy to use. So what is so special about this brand and what makes it so unique? The fact that every products comes in a liquid form and is in a chic silver tube which goes into a silver holder. Sounds unbelievable, right?  So here is the photo so you can all see what I am talking about.

Who is Ellis Faas you may ask. And I’ve got the answer for your question!

Vogue Paris cited Ellis Faas as “one of the most influential make-up artists of her time”. And indeed, she has worked with the world’s most pre-eminent fashion designers, photographers, stylists, hairdressers and models. Ellis’ work has been published on the covers of the world’s best-known fashion magazines. Additionally, Ellis has worked for make-up brands, such as Clinique, Lancôme and MAC Cosmetics – and she was asked by L’Oréal to create a make-up line for their skin care brand, Biotherm. After the contract with L’Oréal ended in 2007, the way was paved for her to create her own brand: ELLIS FAAS. This will launch early 2009. You can read more here

The range of the products is amazing


  1. Skin Veil Foundation S101 to S108
  2. Concealer S201 to S208
  3. Blush S301 to S304
  4. Powder S401 to S403


  1. Creamy Lips L101 to L109
  2. Milky Lips L201 to 209
  3. Glazed Lips L301 to 309


  1. Creamy Eyes – E103 to E109

The City& Other TV Shows as a Source of Beauty Inspiration

Hi girls! This week I was sick for several day so I had to stay at home in bed almost all days long. I finished reading my book and 2 magazines and was bored to death. So I thought about watching some kind of a show for girls. My favourite show of all times is Desperate Housewives but I’ve seen all the episodes and now am waiting for some new. I’ve also seen all episodes of Sex and the City and some other shows. But I wanted to find some show for girls that I could watch and not think too much , lol. I’ve read about the Hills and the City on several beauty blogs so I wanted to give it a try.

I find this show boring but I still watch it because of the makeup, hair, shoes, bags and outfits.  I can’t say that I like the plot or the problems of the main heroes. But  I like Whit’s and Olivia’s style and they are beutiful girls in general.  Although I can’t say that I adore this show  I don’t mind watching it when I am sick or have nothing to do. Every episode is 20 minutes and you can watch them online at the MTV website

And what do you think about such TV shows? Do you like them? What are your favourite shows anyway? What would you recommend me to watch? And I would really love to hear your comments on this!

I am bogging about TV shows for girls because often I see there a great look that I create for myself after that 😉

Here are some more photos from the City

Alice in Wonderland The Book Of Shadows by Urban Decay. Review and Swatches

Looks like everyone is crazy about Alice now. What do we have so far? Alice in Wonderland collection  by OPI, Paul and Joe Alice collection (probably I should make a post about it for those of who who don’t know the details) and this Book of Shadows by Urban Decay which is probably the most wanted makeup item lately. Let me remind you that I already made posts about Book of Shadow Volume II and about Alice in Wonderland The Book Of Shadows (how it looks like).

And now it’s time for detailed review and swatches of this palette. Lets me say that I was 100% sure that I will be getting this palette when I first heard about it. Do you want to know why?  I absolutely love Urban Decay eye products and it is SUCH a great deal!

The prices of the original products

  • eye shadows 1.5g, $17, £12
  • 24/7 liners 1.2g $17, £11
  • deluxe eye shadows 2.5 g $18, £13
  • primer potion 10ml $18.00, £ 11

And this is what you get for only £28 or $52

  1. 16 eye shadows 0.8 g
  2. 2 24/7 liners 0.08 g
  3. mini primer potion 3.7 ml
  4. plus an amazing package with great design!

What else is there to ask for?

Here is how all the goodies look like

24/7 Liners

Flipside – bright teal, gorgeous colour which is perfect for summer

Zero -black liner which every girl needs

Eye Shadows

The shadows are topsy-turvy in Underland but have real-World names 😉 There are no matte shadows plus  most of them contain glitter and some contain lots of glitter. So here are the details!

Underland (Flash) – highly pigmented electric purple

Alice (Painkiller)– this is my favourite shade that can be described as very pigmented vibrant shimmering turquoise

Oraculum (Baked) rich cooper

Queen (Last Call) plum with burgundy

Chessur (Chopper) coppery fawn with silver microglitter

White Rabbit (Polyester Bride) it is a pale shade with lots of silver glitter