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Sex And The City 2 & Other Movies

Hi ladies!

How are you all doing?  Now I have to do A LOT of things. My  head’s gonna explode soon I think 🙂 So I am making the list of movies that I want to see during these cold December evenings 🙂 I hope you can share with me some of those that you’ve enjoyed lately! I’d be happy to read your list! And of course I can’t wait to see Sex And The City 2. How do you like the promo photo by the way?


Favourite Makeup of Emma Watson.Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince


This is just a post about Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince, Emma Watson & her Favourite makeup.

Several days ago I went to the cinema to watch Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince. I am a fan of HP and read all the books several times so I was very excited about the movie. I’m not gonna write about all pluses and minuses, because I’m already tired of such discussions 😀 but in general I liked the movie!

And did you all notice how nice Emma Watson looks now? this is a photo from the premiere. And she was on the covers of so many magazines in July and now she is a model for Burberry. There are so many cool things about her but today I would love to tell you about her favourite makeup. When she was promoting Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince  makeup artist Geoffrey Rodriguez was using Dior products for Watson. Her favourite Dior products are: