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Sigma Beauty Synthetic Kabuki Kit Review and Photos

Today I want to tell you about the Sigma Beauty Synthetic Kabuki Kit. It comes in a pretty packaging and all brushes are also packed individually inside.

There are four brushes:

  • F80 – Flat Kabuki: Application of liquid or cream products to flat areas of the face such as the forehead and cheeks.
  • F82 – Round Kabuki: Blend mineral products onto the skin.
  • F84 – Angled Kabuki: Buff cream blush or bronzer onto the skin.
  • F86 – Tapered Kabuki: Apply cream and liquid foundations onto the harder to reach contours of the face.

Each brush retails for $16 but you can get the set for $56 and save $8.

Here is how the brushes look like.

I actually  really love these brushes and will start the review with the most popular brush which is

F80 – Flat Kabuki

This is a flat brush with synthetic bristles which makes a foundation application flawless! It is very soft and not very dense so doesn’t hurt the skin and also allows you to built up the shade. Also I find that it saves a lot of time. This is a prefect brush and I would totally recommend it! I am now a convert.

F82 – Round Kabuki

This is a round kabuki with denser  (than the flat kabuki) synthetic bristles.  I find that while the flat kabuki can give you a rather sheer coverage, this one is perfect for foundations with a higher coverage but it also works great with tinted moistirisers. This brush is

Japonesque Powder, Blush, Foundation and Concealer Brushes Review and Photos

Japonesque was founded 25 years ago but it is already a cult brand. It was originally made by Make-Up Artists for Make-Up Artists.  Brand’s tools were inspired by the professional make up tools used in kabuki theater in Japan.

These days Japonesque has a big range of brushes and accessories which are loved by a lot of  Top professionals from the beauty industry.

This is why I was very excited when I was given some of their brushes to write about.  In this post I will tell you about the travel brushes for face and in future I will let you know about the brushes for eyes and eye brows. Unfortunately, I don’t have a lip brush to show you.

The packaging is nice, simple and really helpful.  They have some very handy instructions on the back of  each box. All I can say is that I’d really appreciate it back in the days when I was getting my first brushes.

And here are the face brushes that I have in all their glory 😉

933 Travel Powder Brush, 924 Travel Blush Brush, 914 Travel Angled Foundation Brush, 910 Travel Concealer Brush.


So now let’s take a look at each brush, shall we?