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Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat Review, Photos, Swatches

My nail polish collection was growing (and it is growing now) so I though it was time to get some nice base and top coats. I’ve read a lot of raves about the Seche Vite  Fast Dry Top Coat so I though that I should get it, too.

Review and swatches of the nail polish above

I am definitely not an expert in top coats and had only two (or three?) top coats before getting this one so I am writing from my experience obviously.

So, as for myself, I absolutely loved this product because it gives the most beautiful shine to all my nail polishes and it makes them dry so much faster. Plus it doesn’t drag the nail polish which is amazing. I don’t think that my nail polish lasts longer with this top coat but that is totally ok with me as I like changing it pretty often.

You can see the difference with the nail polish with and without Seche Vite top coat on